Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Blog Is One Year Old...

...and here are the fireworks to celebrate!

Also, to celebrate, I am taking a vacation. ;-)

Actually, I am only taking the break out of necessity; I truly do love blogging. For me, blogging has two ingredients: time and photos. Photos I have in abundance right now for the same reason I don't have the time: the last two weeks have been the busiest in the year (I hardly had time to set up the above photo). Today I have the honor of being a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding, and I have been quite busy making my dress for that. My eyes have really been opened about how much work a wedding is - it's fun though! All things considered, I decided not to post (in normal length) this week.

A few reflections on this past year of blogging seem to be in order. First and foremost it was a learning experience... in many ways. I even learned some new things about myself (not always fun :-). Back when I started this blog, it was "one big experiment" that I thought would be fun. It has been more than fun actually; it's stimulating and something I really, truly look forward to doing every two weeks. (You know, I think I would do this even if nobody looked at it. But since you do, I don't have to think twice. ;-) An interesting fact that most of you probably don't know is that when I started I wasn't necessarily planning to make this primarily a photo blog. Every single post, excluding my opening introduction, has been a photo post. :) And I take a lot more photos than I ever did before.

God is good!