Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Conglomeration

Well Everyone,

Here I am again. You most likely don't find that surprising since, lately, I have been posting every other Saturday. I have my schedule figured exactly so that it works out that way, but this week events conspired to steal some of my blogging time. Since getting off schedule can be rather stressful, I decided to throw this post together and get it up today anyway. I would really hate to break my pattern, you know. ;-)


Sunday Afternoon Drama

"Concentration" and/or "Mischief"

You know what this means? Both opponents are queenless.

This ought to do the trick.

Whoops! There was something he didn't see. :-)

"Oh... So that's how Bobby Fischer did that..."

Forget Bobby Fischer, forget Wikipedia, forget the whole game: Something is going on outside!

The struggle is on.

"Now you stay here, you hear!?!"

Defeat - or at least Seeming Defeat

Oh no. Here we go again!

Sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it. :-)

(He had to go out and re-harness her at least four times.)

Criminals and Forced Labor ;-)

Up to no good.
(The black eye really helps give that impression.)

See what I mean.

Party's over. Time to pack up and go home.

The Stalker


If you were following this blog last fall, you may remember the tunnel that my siblings started digging, which never became anything more than a hole. All dreams have to end sometime, so...

...let's get filling.

Remember the "Tunnel King"?

"Clayton, the only way to get out of this job is to dig. Start helping!"

"But, Christian... I'm just plumb tuckered out."

Partners in Grime

Four on a Couch (or "Three on a Couch" in this case)

A lot of this goes on. But, hey, thinking is good for you... I think... ;-)

Looks like Emma knows three people's names.

"How could that happen?! I lost them just like that!"

(It happens all the time.)


"So Conrad was "Emma" but he traded with Faith and became "Charity" which means that Elias can't be "Emma" and so he must be...???"

Sorry, didn't work. Shoes win!

Doing their best to look glum.

At which point Mrs. Raine decides to help so that we can officially play "Four on the Couch."

While Dad remains steadfast in his determination NOT to help.

My turn? Ok... well... um...

"Listen! I just went through a traumatic accident: I can't be expected to do this!!"

"Boy, oh boy! There's always one."

(quote from Twelve Angry Men)
"We can do this - I know we can!"

Feet Finally Find Fulfillment
Shoes Lose
"Whew! That was fun, but I'm glad it's over."

Double Birthdays

Premature Investigation
"Look! It has a light - it sings!"

Riddle: How many older siblings does it take to open a one-year-old's birthday present?

(I don't have the answer. If any of you come up with something good, let me know. :-)

Candle-light Cupcakes

The best way to get an unnatural smile is to say "Look at the camera. Now, SMILE!"

I think we forgot to do the crumb inspection. ;-)

"You're really going to let me do this??"

"All right, here goes!"

"So this is how it feels to be a man, to have a mustache."

You thought the porch was finished? Well...

Yes, Conrad, we have all that to do.

Making sure that no drips whatsoever get on Dad's new porch floor.

Prospective Painters

"Yeah, when I was your age, I used to think it looked fun too."

Lying down on the job?

Anything to get the perfect angle.

"Candace, be careful, would you?! There is a bucket of paint up there."

I was going to say: "Proof that we really were painting." But I'm afraid all this proves is that we weren't painting the entire time. :-(

It's so handy to have brothers who don't care about their clothes.
"Blog Viewers, would you take a look at that! My sister will do ANYTHING for the sake of a photo!"
"Now get that camera out of here, IMMEDIATELY!"

All right, all right; I'm going. :-)

God Bless.