Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Special Edition in Honor of... precious sister Candace!

The reason she is so precious.

Some of you don't know this (I know, I know... some of you DO), but this blog wouldn't be what it is without Candace and her camera. To tell the honest truth, that little Canon Powershot that I carry around and even slip up and call "mine" at times is HER camera. (She's forgotten that though. ;-) And lest you think I love her merely for her generosity with her camera, she herself is quite valuable as a subject for photos and also as a fellow photographer. That's right - I do actually allow her to use her own camera sometimes!

On a more serious note, Candace has a lot of wonderful qualities that have absolutely nothing to do with photography/blogging. I am extremely blessed to have a sister and friend like you, Candace.

So... Happy 16th Birthday, Candace!

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless.

(Hmm... I bet I have you all so well trained that nobody will see this post until next Saturday, the normal posting day. ;-)