Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'll tell you right up front. My favorite part of this post is the first part. Emma, actually, is the one who gave me the original idea of doing "literal technology" photos. Thanks so much for not copyrighting the idea, Emma. It was a great one. And hey, maybe, if you all like it, we can come up with more "literal technology"... but that's not a promise. (There are a lot of things that slow down a literal technology production, such as trying to catch mice that seem to have suddenly gone extinct or trying to figure out just how Amelia Bedelia would "take a poll" - sorry, little inside FB joke there. ;-)

Also, as of today's post, the New Year is officially here. What if it is a month late? We always complain how time flies. Just thank me for trying to slow it's flight a little. Don't give me all the thanks, though. Reserve most of it for Josiah who gave me his photos from New Year's Eve.

Literal Technology Forum

Mr. Bedelia
Hey, look, i'm not very computer savvy and i have a REAL problem! Someone i know took this horrible (just ghastly!) picture of me that i HAVE to get rid of!! (he refuses to delete it!) Trouble is i don't have no clue how to go about it! i CAN get on this person's computer! Would that help??? Really need help bad! PLEASE, somebody, help!!!

Mr. Geek
It sounds as if you have a relationship issue (maybe a grammar one too), not a computer issue; but, still, I think we ought to be able to get you fixed up no problem. Just hang in there and do everything I tell you... exactly like I tell you.

First thing, open Windows.

Once you do that, you need to Log On.

Now, from the Desktop, open My Computer.

How do you do that? Uh, you move the mouse...

Find My Documents next.

After that, you will need to search all Folders until... find the picture.

No. No. I said Picture, not Pitcher!

Once you have found the picture, find the Delete key on the Keyboard.

Then say "yes" when asked if you want to put the photo into the Recycle Bin.

Just to be safe, empty the Recycle Bin into Cyberspace so that this photo can never be restored.

Close My Computer which will take you back to the Desktop.

Log Off and you are almost done for.

Last of all, please do not forget to Shut Down Windows.

Whew! All that... just to get rid of...


(And I do apologize for that startling ending.)

Fulfilled Prophecy?

You may remember my pointing out last week that, when it comes to cat-houses, it's not just folks in Alaska that have to worry about being snowed in. Well, this morning I was waken to the news that Holmes' residence (it's not on Baker Street I'm afraid ;-) was totally buried. Rescue operations commenced immediately.

New Year's Eve

Here are the chairs, but where are the people?

Here are the chairs and, more importantly, here are the people.

"Another year is dawning: Dear Father, let it be,
In working or in waiting, Another year with Thee..."

Talk about keeping a low profile as a photographer.

Such a stressful responsibility to make sure that forty people don't miss the first strike of twelve. Starting at 7:30, Dad was checking his watch regularly.

A few days before, Dad told Conrad to find something to share. He figured "all I have to share is my dog."

Blanche "obeys" the command to look to her right.

And the moral of the story is: teach your dog what is right and do not allow him to hone his skills as an escape artist.

Did I hear an "Amen" from the Botsford corner?

Charity shares how the gingham dog and the calico cat could not share a table. They...

"...Side by side on a table sat....
There was going to be a terrible spat..."

"Oh, no! I just forgot the rest."
Though really she did not - it's just
That caption the photo fit the best.

(This blogger do not always trust. :)
God's Word and...

...World Magazine. Talk about an equipped Christian!

Mr. Einwechter: What do you think of that? Do you believe World magazine is requisite to the Church's advance in America?

Mr. Jackson, a loyal subscriber, ponders his answer deeply.

Mr. Jackson: Well, I would never put it on par with the Word of God, but I'd say it is pretty influential.

*crosses arms* You can say what you want. I'm still not going to subscribe.

Bet you could get him to subscribe to a National Rifle Association publication though.

Hey, hey. I think we need to slow the pace here a bit. It's only 9:30 - hardly time to be breaking out the guns yet.

A Long Game to Slow the Pace

The game of inevitable doom (U know... Stacko) - just what we need to distract folks from watching the clock.

How am I supposed to Draw Two out of that stack??

Concentration, Hannah, that's how. We all know you're good at it.

Such a Graceful player.

Sherri and skill - there's a reason they both start with an S.

Not to sound like a broken record, but it's no coincidence that Candace and competence both start with a C.

I know all about this.

So you might. But, still, I highly recommend that you stop letting Michaela do all the looking.

Got to admit, it worked... that time.

(You know, it's no coincidence that Philip and prowess... yes, yes, I know you know, so I won't go there. :)

To wreck the tower or not to wreck the tower - that is the question.

To climb or to slide - that is the question of Chutes and Ladders.

That's a bit off subject I know, but...

...I wanted to build the suspense before I answered "the question." (Not to imply that Grace wrecked it. After all I never imply things that aren't true.)

Oh, before I forget, this might be a good time to mention that Mr. Botsford actually does subscribe to World last I heard, and that Mr. Jackson's alleged views on the magazine's influence are just that, alleged. ;-)

I said we had guests; I never said we had mannerly guests. ;-)

*thinks enviously* I wish I were allowed to lick my fingers.

But, hey, members of our family talk with food in their mouths sometimes, so what can I say?

While we're on the topics of New Years and food, I read an acute observation the other day:
"Most people are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between New Year and Christmas." :)