Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Everyone,

The majority of this week's post is birthday coverage. That means that this post is good for you. Why? Because birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

One more thing. The question of the week is: How would Mr. Bedelia fix his bed? Be sure to keep your eyes opened for the answer.

Birthday Party No. 1

The Einwechters invited us over for Mrs. Einwechter, Isaac, and Candace Manion's birthday party.

We received a warm reception.

Philip: You wouldn't have come if you knew I was cooking right?

Conrad fails in his attempt to look convincingly confident.

Candace M. and... well, Candace M. I see I will have to be more specific next time.

Ah, I can already taste new creations by the Einwechter chefs. (Philip is one of them by the way.)

And so is Abigail. :)

How old am I? Hmm... Let me think...

Here come the "sharing gifts."

Care for some nuts?

*says wheedlingly* "Isaac, you're my favorite uncle."

She got her nuts.

Birthdays are all about surprises, right? Well...

...surprise! A wedding gift comes on the scene.

(And you thought this was a birthday party, right?)

Wait a minute. We got married six months ago.

Like daughter, like father.

Posted as part of my membership duties to the LPDP (League of Photo-Deprived Photographers).


...It's a game you cannot play and photograph at the same time. So I'll just try to help you imagine it with the photos I took between rounds.

Imagine that there are this many (or more) hands in the middle and a lot less cards (four to be exact).

You imagined it! There's a disturbing amount of grabbing.

You have to keep an eye on your neighbors...

...because something as trivial as holding cards in the left hand instead of the right could be a secret signal.

Birthday Time in Our Family

Appearances can be deceiving. This is not the fortunate fellow.

He didn't unwrap his sword; he unsheathed it.

*shakes head* There will be tape holding it together before the day's over.

Oh no! There must be Orks close by!

(Sorry, if you haven't read/watched LOTR, that one isn't going to make much sense.)

Playmobil - Well, come on, that's what you wanted too when you were little.

*thinks* Playmobil... now why didn't I think of getting that?

At four, she's ahead of me. I was looking at my photo album last night, and it was only on my fifth birthday that I figured out how to zip up my own dress.

Cake Time

You learned your lesson I trust. Appearances can be deceiving.

Here's the rightful owner of that exquisite cake.

(You can quote Prov. 27:2 all you want. I didn't make the cake. Grandma did. ;-)

"Did you just go look up Prov. 27:2? I was going to, but I couldn't get out of this high-chair."

He'll never make a fireman. He has no clue how to put out fires.

"I'll take the ear." Christian has no qualms about stripping Ms. Bear of her last appendage.

Dad - dedicated music stand.

Tour of the 911 Center

They couldn't be (gasp) gossiping again?!

Be sure your sin will find you out.

This is all the info they had for us homeschoolers' portfolios. And this is all the photos I have from the 911 center itself. (In the actual control room, we weren't allowed to take pictures.)


After our tour, we headed to one of the many local parks - one that was...

...not responsible for accidents.

Not responsible for accidents?? Well, we know who is.

911 Dispatcher: He's stuck?! You say he's stuck? at the park??

The dispatchers give their cool and collected advise.


Prisoner's Base

All free. At least... for now.

You want to be free again? Stretch that line as long as you can... that Micah can get there in time.

Conrad warned me not to post this photo: "It reflects badly on our mirror." ;-)

We (or rather, our GPS) took the Raines down dead-ends, on detours, and up muddy field roads.

Mom goes back to explain to the Raines why we are going down rabbit trails.

"Why are we driving on a rabbit trail?"

(The explaining didn't stop with the Raines.)

Conrad Comics

Mr. Bedelia "fixes his bed."

One evening, he told me that the human circulatory system wasn't making sense anymore. He couldn't make heads or tails of it.

The guy's just not very skilled when it comes to make-up. ;-)

<><><> <><><> <><><>

It's been beautiful weather for go-cart riding these days. Not that I've been doing much of it (the potential to get dirty is too great). You can probably guess who has been. ;-)
Thanks for stopping by.

God Bless.