Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

No introduction today, except to say that the Mills are a wonderful family that we - hey, you don't know who they are do you? Well, maybe by the end of this post you will have learned to know them better, just as we did on the trip that you are about to see.

Mills, thanks so much for joining us on the trip. We enjoyed it tremendously.

A Trip with the Mills

"We could have just rented the bus and driven around in circles." - Mrs. Mills

And so we could have, but it was nice to have an excuse.

And to think that I suggested bringing ours.

(That's right. Just like the immigrants before us, we went through security.)

Like the immigrants before us, we were part of a vast throng.

Like them, we had only the clothes on our backs and one little backpack.

Like them, some of us were detained.

Back then there were food vendors too, with prices just as outrageous. That's another thing that hasn't changed.

Even the gatsby hats are still around.

We strain our eyes as many have done before us. She comes into sight and...

...out come the cameras.

Ladies, I hate to tell you, but the main attraction is to your left.

Whose example will she follow?

Miss Ellis Island? Yeah, I guess we will if we don't get off the boat.

Miss Ellis Island meets Mr. Grumpy.

The door to the past opens.

Maps are not a thing of the past.
It's not just a Noah thing.

It's a Mills family obsession.

T is for Twins

F is for Friends


...her fingernails.

Mom, look! You are about to see... the amazing flying Clayton.

You want a turn?

No thanks. I'm on vacation.

For some, lunch is a highlight; to others, a necessary intermission. (And to others, a chance to talk with their mouths full.)

Eventually, we will get there...

We must have Faith.

The Tourist

The Kamikaze

*looks skeptical* Carmen, I'm not sure many people know what a Kamikaze is. Of course, if you'd link to again...

He reminds me of myself. I have that tendency to stick my chin in the air for photos too.

Okay, analyze my chin if you must.

Lots of chins and nice big grins.

The climb ahead of us is not for the faint of heart, we know; yet we turn down the chairs' invitation. We keep going.

Lady Liberty gave us a good reception.

As well as a good view.

Naomi aids and abets Clayton in the frightening of parents.

Go, sailboat, go! Faster.

Hannah Grace Mills I :)

We mob the revolving doors. Such novelties!

A bird's water fountain.

Yawns are contagious. Just looking at this photo made me yawn. Three different times.

Smile replaces yawn.

Five Fine Females

(Hey, at least it's alliteration.)

Wrong arm, Conrad.

The wind-blown thrill of a ferry ride.

All hands on deck!

Terra firma at last!

Leaps for joy.

Argument of the day: Are they standard-sized tennis balls?

The random people pictures begin.

I like taking random people pictures but...

...when someone looks up, just as I snap, with that startled, frozen, glazed expression, it's enough to kill my photographic ardor.

Nothing can kill Mom's ardor; not even a long day that's not yet over.
(That's right. There's more.)