Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Trip with the Mills

"We could have just rented the bus and driven around in circles." - Mrs. Mills

And so we could have, but it was nice to have an excuse.

And to think that I suggested bringing ours.

(That's right. Just like the immigrants before us, we went through security.)

Like the immigrants before us, we were part of a vast throng.

Like them, we had only the clothes on our backs and one little backpack.

Like them, some of us were detained.

Back then there were food vendors too, with prices just as outrageous. That's another thing that hasn't changed.

Even the gatsby hats are still around.

We strain our eyes as many have done before us. She comes into sight and...

...out come the cameras.

Ladies, I hate to tell you, but the main attraction is to your left.

Whose example will she follow?

Miss Ellis Island? Yeah, I guess we will if we don't get off the boat.

Miss Ellis Island meets Mr. Grumpy.

The door to the past opens.

Maps are not a thing of the past.

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