Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello Everyone,

If any of you have stopped by in the past few days and noticed anything strange, don't worry about it. I was just experimenting with the format of my blog. Whether the experimentation will go anywhere, I haven't completely decided.

Have a blessed week (rather two weeks).

The Garden - A Whole Family Project

"Many hands make light work" is true when everyone pitches in. Also true, is that "many hands make FUN work!"

Mom - the one we inherited our gardening tendencies from.

Standing in line to be tilled under.

The thrill of jumping out of the way just in time.

Precision Planting
(something we inherited from Dad :-)

Terrible Tomatoes

You just have to have the right attitude towards gardening - then it's all right!

Me, trying to dispel the myth that I don't like gardening.

There's nothing like sitting down on the job, though. ;-)

Carpenter Conrad doesn't like the idea of trading his hammer for a hoe.

Hey look, he found a "hammer job"!

Faith - another hard worker
(have to prove everyone was helping, you know)

We now take a break from all the hard work we have been witnessing to meet "the Visionary," who, it would seem, is also taking a break. His vital and arduous (and self-assigned) task is to stand here and visualize all the the vegetables that we will eventually have (without his assistance). :-)

Candace's wheat art.

Back to the hard workers.

The smallest gardener.... or maybe...

...not quite! Meet our soil inspector!

"This clod is a bit too large."

The big test.

"Hmm... I believe that the pH of your soil is too low. It's quite acidic."

Memorial Day

Oiling up for the long drive out to the Bohannons.

Girl Power

Faith takes a sneak peak at my favorite dish of the day - apple salad!

Nicolas and the Bohannon boys unload the curiosity of the day: a tandem bicycle.

The Bohannon menfolk inspect this oddity to make sure that it is safe for Lydia to ride. :-)

Mr. Bohannon seeks Mrs. Bohnnon's counsel: "Do you think we should let Nicolas take her on that thing?"

Nicolas solicits support from the unbiased non-relatives: "Don't you think my wife will be just fine on that bike?"

So, to resolve the issue, one biased Bohannon and one unbiased non-relative take the bike on a test run. The End. ;-)

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Nicolas and Lydia on the infamous bike, but they managed it like pros, just as we all were confident they would.

Time to unload the bikes (from Dad's sophisticated bike-hauling system)...

...and get our helmets on!

The Bohannon girls... right after the other...

...with my sister desperately trying to keep up.

Back at the pavilion, waiting for the stragglers... and eating grapes... and playing with grapes... and spoiling Micah... and still waiting.

Finally! Here they come - the last ones back.

Of course, the only reason they were last was because they had a bicycle breakdown. ;-)

Prisoner behind bars.

Still dazed, even after his release.

Picking teams for Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

It's not getting past the Bohannon boys!

Ultimate Exhaustion - always the result of a day with the Bohannons.

Thank you, Bohannons, for hosting us. We enjoyed it as always!

Memorial Day continued...

We arrive home to discover that someone has been pulling our house apart while we were gone!


"Get your paper! Get your evening paper. Read all about it! Local home is destroyed while family is away on biking trip!"

First buyer.

"Uh! That's my house!!!"

The Town Gossips

Some of you may remember that Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. The above photo reminded me (however remotely) of this painting Three Gossips.

Dad ends the photo shoot by reminding us of the piles of wood to clear away.

Faith's Birthday

The traditional seat of honor for the birthday girl/boy.

After receiving binoculars and a subscription to Birds and Blooms, Faith was farther encouraged in the study of botany and ornithology by Dad's bringing out The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

Faith is presented to her cake since her cake is too big to present to her.

(Yes, there is a story behind this "big" cake. You see, Faith plans to be a spinster, and so I thought I might as well make her a wedding cake now, since she will never be getting one in the future. ;-) Actually, the real story is that Dad got these wedding cake kits in at work and brought one home for me to practice decorating.)

I inform Conrad, in no uncertain terms, that he is not allowed to shake, tip, drop, or otherwise damage my many hours of work.

Her cake or my cake? I'm really not sure.

Derrick stops by for wood just at the right time (funny how people do that) to get cake instead.

Derrick: "I'm correct in thinking that this is one of those cakes that we were selling at Denver Wholesale, right???"

Very dubious about eating cake that has been frozen in a warehouse for several years.

He got his wood too.

And while he was here, he thought he might as well inspect the building site too. :-)


I didn't have time to post a lot of pictures from the building process, but next time you too should have the chance to inspect the progress.

Until then,