Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome back,

It's another Saturday. This is another post. You know, I've been thinking that maybe I should rename this blog the Saturday Evening Post. ;-) Not sure I want to lock myself into Saturdays though.

Well, I got to run. Conrad wants my help setting up the volleyball court. There's more to summer than blogging. Even though I'm not a very athletic person, I do enjoy a good game of volleyball.

Conowingo Dam...

...a great place to fish...

...and a great place to watch fishermen - both the human kind and the kind with wings.

Mom, not sure what to think of her son on the other side of the fence.

The reason she wasn't sure.

Candace practicing tight-rope walking.

If that lady walks much faster she'll be over the speed limit.

(Isn't that fraction tacked on there rather interesting? My Uncle's theory was that it was added to get people's attention. It sure got mine.)

More Bird-watching

Like father, like son, like grandson.

Grandma Katy learning what she has to do to fit into this family. :-)

Mom is her father's daughter.

Obviously one of the in-laws!

The younger generation. Yes, we even have a multi-generational view of bird-watching.

Conrad sighting up the binoculars for some fun photo experiments. (There are other interesting things to look at besides birds.)

Binoculars through binoculars.

Looks like Pappy decided to give the in-laws some company.

I tell you... the parks these days...!! We even have to bring our own picnic tables. ;-)

The younger generation receives a lesson on how to feel when hamburgers are done. I didn't get it; I guess they just have to feel right. I tried it this morning when I grilled hamburgers for lunch, but all I got was a burnt finger.

Mother's Day

So busy mothering that she hardly has time to read her card.

Mom is presented to her gift since her gift (a porch rocker) is to big to present to her.

Mom illustrating how she tried not to notice the chairs on the back of the trailer when Dad brought them down the road in plain sight.

*Dad thinking* I tried so hard to surprise her... I can't ever win!

A moment of laughter (at Dad's expense).

Note that there are two porch rockers. Dad bought his own Father's Day Gift this year. :-)

IFRC Little Girls' Party

One of many beautiful young ladies.

Friends face off in a Don't-Drop-the-Potato Race.

A game of Button, Button - Who has the button?

Is she really passing the button or just pretending? - that is the question.

Charlotte: Um... I guess that Marianna has it.

Good guess!

Defending his masculinity as the only male among a host of womenfolk.

Time for Bible story skits. Any ideas who these girls are portraying?

Counseling one young lady who wants to do a skit but is not sure what she wants to act out in her skit.

Still counseling, even after the skit is underway. :-)

A CD Divertisement

Dad's Latest Album:

Don't buy your copy today.

``` ``` ```
Down here in the fine print I need to give credit where credit is due. This idea was not original with me. When I saw it done by another blogger, I liked the spoof so much that I kept on the lookout for a chance to do it myself. Dad made the perfect non-pianist! ;-)

Giving Away my Upright Piano...

...the first step to cleaning out the apartment and the last chance to get the above photo of Dad.

Famous virtuoso Conrad Martin forgot his D#, but talented pianist Candace Martin saved the performance!

Will the piano fit through the doorway?

Might as well make sure. This whole building is going to be ripped down soon anyway.

If you have ever moved an upright piano, you will know why people give them away free with the condition that "you will come pick it up."

One last peek at my piano before it is shrouded. I gave many lessons on that piano, but, overall, it wasn't hard to see it go, especially since I gained a student by giving it to our cousins.

You did it too when you were little I bet. (Riding on the trailer, that is.) Amazing the thrill of just going a few hundred feet at 10 mph! *shakes head*

1st Step to Building our Garage: Apartment Starts Coming Down

The "free labor" starts the job.

The "got hammers" trio.

Those little hammers just didn't quite do the trick.

Queen of Construction

(or in this case, since we haven't started building yet, Damsel of Demolition)

Conrad is fast becoming a jack of all trades through this - plumber, carpenter, electrician, excavator, just to mention a few.

Tools of the Trade

(Candace took this one.)

Dumpster arrival.

The family scroungers are eager to scrounge, and they aren't discouraged even though the dumpster is empty.

Mom, un-phased by all the chaos, uses her wash-line as long as she possibly can.
(It came down yesterday.)

Next time, I will probably have more pictures of the building progress. Actually, you might be getting updates regularly for the next few months. Until then...

...God Bless and Keep You.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello there.

Welcome to the latest edition of A Reflection of Me, featuring nothing, but made up of an assortment of different topics.

Hay-making... for the benefit of guinea pigs, cats, and such creatures.

Art (to me).
My family strongly urged me not to display my poor judgment by posting this. I told them, "But see, the shape of the house is reflected in the outline of the boxes." Dad said, "Nobody will realize that unless you point it out." So I'm pointing it out... ;-)

God's art. My picture.