Saturday, May 30, 2009

1st Step to Building our Garage: Apartment Starts Coming Down

The "free labor" starts the job.

The "got hammers" trio.

Those little hammers just didn't quite do the trick.

Queen of Construction

(or in this case, since we haven't started building yet, Damsel of Demolition)

Conrad is fast becoming a jack of all trades through this - plumber, carpenter, electrician, excavator, just to mention a few.

Tools of the Trade

(Candace took this one.)

Dumpster arrival.

The family scroungers are eager to scrounge, and they aren't discouraged even though the dumpster is empty.

Mom, un-phased by all the chaos, uses her wash-line as long as she possibly can.
(It came down yesterday.)

Next time, I will probably have more pictures of the building progress. Actually, you might be getting updates regularly for the next few months. Until then...

...God Bless and Keep You.

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Sylvia said...

Very interesting to see the work in progress! Keep us posted. Nice pic with the tools, Candace!