Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Readers,

You're here, once again! It's hard for me to believe. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Because of your faithfulness, I want to notify you of what I've been contemplating: an end to blogging or, at the least, a break.

But the end isn't here yet. (I'll make it clear when it is.) So go ahead and check out the post.
I hear that arm wrestling with Conrad has been the thing lately.

Around here, the trampoline is on the fad list. Can't you just see it sucking in the jumpers?

Mercy's parody of the Statue of Liberty

IFRC Work Day

The fire company might be at the new hall, but we aren't.

In fact, we're at the old one because... well, because it's old.


...and workers

...and more ladders

...and more workers.

The Leaning Tower of Pizza

I approve, applaud, approbate... Put simply, I appreciate people who wash their hands, am appalled by those who do not, and appeal to all of you to make it a habit.

(Sorry. Call me overly apprehensive, but I am passionate about anything appertaining to cleanliness.)

Hope I didn't spoil your appetite.

(Check out how many words there are starting with app.)

Someone told me the lamp was trying to make a fashion statement.

And what are we doing here? Making an old-fashioned statement perhaps?

Just so you know, photography isn't dying at IFRC.

It's just going retro.

Much to the skepticism of some.

The Hard Core Volunteers

(By the way, there's some Greek up there for you to translate. Anybody?)

Look over here! Maybe this isn't volunteer work after all. Mr. Phero? Is that your wallet?

Mr. Phero? Hey, where'd he disappear to?

Time to call it a day.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

Thank you for stopping by.