Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Everyone,

And a special "hello" to all you out in the Shippensburg area. I'm sorry to get your hopes up by that first sentence, since I do not have a post on the Independence Day Picnic for you today. Instead I have an apology for you. I had some previous events that I wanted to get out of the way first (see chronological order does matter once in a while), and, since covering that picnic will be enough for a post in itself, I had to push it off until next time, when I will, Lord willing, tackle it.

The good news is that one of today's topics is a visit to the Raines. (Do I see your hopes rising again?) BUT. We were unable to think of any photo stories while there. (What is that noise? The shatter of dashed hopes?) Well, well, I hope you will be able to get your hopes glued back together by the end of the post.

We had a little flash flood...

...that started with a crash...

...which was followed by a splash.

There was a universal dash outside to enjoy the flood.

(I doubt the people of Noah's day would sympathize.)

Boating on such turbulent waters - rash indeed.

Christian has, no doubt, been stashing these rocks for such a time as this.

She looks absolutely smashing, doesn't she?

"Ashes, ashes, and we all fall in." - almost.

And I've run out of "ash" words. Oh, wait - dashing! Isn't he a dashing young fellow?

We spent some time with the Bohannons the other Saturday...

Enough time to see that Micah, minus his lip, is doing well.

That's right, Micah. Always check with daddy before you put something into your mouth.

His dad was too busy stalking badminton birdies to worry about watermelon.

The game had its ups.

And its downs.

Since both players are extremely skilled and extremely competitive, I need to be careful to give an unbiased report of the game. :-)

*mysterious hand pokes Christian* No telling who won, you hear?!

Bohannons, it was wonderful to fellowship with you all again. Thanks for your hospitality.

At the Raines...

First thing, we consider the tragedy of radiator leaks.

We then turn our minds to the tragedy of never-used hitching posts.

Rabbits in the house?! Doesn't anyone consider that a tragedy? :-)

Time to focus on the more optimistic details of life, such as having a personal, handcrafted name card at one's plate.

Corn-on-the-cob for everyone...

...and mayonnaise for the Martins. (Mayonnaise - would you believe it?! It pays to publicize some of these things.)

Conrad checks out the algae in the Raine's water pitcher. (Whoops, better erase that before I get charged with libel. :-)

After seeing this lying about, we began to think the Raines to be messier people than we had imagined.

Soon, however, we began to think them slyer people than we had ever imagined.

A long time ago - roughly 9,819,885 minutes in the past.

Emma and I get along fine on a duet, unlike Candace and I. (You'll see what I mean in a moment.)

So, yes. Since we couldn't think of a photo story to do for all you, we turned to the piano for consolation. Instead we found inspiration (such as it was).

The Key Battle of the Civil War

When the Raines and Martins are thumbing through a music book and come across "Dixie," and when there are entirely too many cameras on hand, and when there is a heap of dress-up uniforms in the Raine's closet, THIS is what happens. Our time with the Raines was running out and so we only had time for two takes (this is the second). When you have the Civil War breaking out on set, it can be pretty hit or miss. If I remember correctly, Lincoln had trouble with his volunteer army; volunteer actors can be just as difficult to manage. :-) No, really, they were all quite willing and helpful. Thank you, Raines, for letting us make a mess of the living room.

P.S. If you have any trouble viewing this, please let a comment to let me know. Thanks.

With the Relatives

What do you think of the punch? Too sweet, too sour, or just a little too pink?

Candace takes a sip and imagines that it's a calm day in Austria.

Though it isn't a calm day really. (Conrad makes a valiant dive for the soon-to-be-airborne tablecloth.)

And we're at Akron park with the relatives, not Austria with the Von Trapps.

"An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship." - Spanish Proverb

Cousinship - something that links us though we're miles apart.

Gloria goes through the "Some of this? Some of that?" routine with Jacob.

Help. I'm too full to eat this piece of watermelon.

Conrad considers the risk of germs.

Germs, I defy you!

When everything starts turning blue and your world turns upside down, you have the symptoms of...

...lollipop disease.

The antidote? More lollipops of course.

This is my favorite species. *holds it up for all to see*

Mmm... Order Lepidoptera, Genus Gummi - my favorite.

You think photography might be a genetic thing?

Playground evacuation.

Keon Frey climbed the maple tree...

...for he wanted the geese to see.

Playing Follow-the-Leader, with ducks as leaders.

Aunt Gloria herds the cousins toward...

...the water fountain?? :-)

Four-year-olds only allowed on this picture.

Mervin asserts the rights of two-year-olds.

The difference between two-year-olds and four-year-olds externalized.

Mervin adjourns to a park bench to ponder the sizable advantages of maturity.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless.