Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome all,

Pictures from the same community event that I covered last year are the order of the day. Chronological order bows the knee, as it normally does here on the Saturday Evening Post, and other minor events, that in reality happened before the community day, will follow it.

By the way, this post spills over onto the second page (I know, haven't had one of those for a while). So be sure to click "Older Posts" at the bottom to see the rest.

Schoeneck Community Day

Upon arrival, Dad is the most popular attraction, for about a minute, until he ran out of tickets.

Then we scattered and other things became popular.

For instance, the barrel train.

Mom despairs of ever again finding her other nine children.

Mervin's in the inflatable playhouse. Figures.

What a coincidence. So is Mercy.

And so is Martha.

You're getting the idea, right? It's a pretty popular place.

And guess who's in charge? My brother and a bunch of his buddies.

Conrad informs Isaac that personal possessions must be left on the table, not given to him.

Warning sign: "Trained operator must be on duty at all times."

(Conrad was a graduate of a three minute crash course at most.)

Hmm... Wonder how those boys are managing up there. Maybe I should go check on them.

The warning sign also said, "If unit begins to deflate, exit immediately." As far as I know, they managed to get everyone out. :-)

How many people does it take to get Dorothy's shoes off?

What about back on?

Some people have the do-it-yourself mentality.

This is all about getting the ball through the tire, and Joshua knows it.

The question is, does Mr. Raine? (Or does he by chance think Mr. Phero is the target.)

Here's something Mr. Raine definitely knows about. In fact, garbage removal seems to be his forte. (No, I'm not trying to trash his reputation.)

Candace looking a little out of place in the Have-A-Black-Strap-Over-Your-Shoulder club.

Hmm... These fries taste like they would have come from Denver Wholesale Foods.

Around here, people put vinegar on their fries. She's putting it on her arm.

*shakes head and thinks* That girl must not be from these parts.

It's not every day you go fishing and catch a horse.

You think children on leashes is something? You haven't seen anything yet.

I'm not sure which one the exercise was meant for. Both seemed to be getting plenty.

Can't catch me. I'm the -

But his brother thinks he can. After all, he's not really a gingerbread man.

The boys try to determine whether the car about to be ripped up is already dead.


Point and shoot - I guess the police would know all about that.

(Conrad says he holds it as if it were a pistol. If a point-and-shoot is the equivalent of a pistol, just think what the equivalent of an SLR would be. Scary, huh?)

"Stand back, everyone."

As the candy-copter appears overhead...

...excitement, as well as one of the children, breaks loose.

Click here to see a friend's impressive shot of what was going on up above.

For some, a hat is adequate to hold their candy.

Some have higher ambitions.

And some -- Hey, wait! I don't know that guy, do I?

Wow! This part gets more realistic every year. Don't know if that's a trend we want to continue.

Paul takes advantage of penny candy. Knowing him, he'll probably go resell it all for a profit.

My hands.
(Now, don't let me hear you say that I never show up on my blog again.)

Emma comes back with an order: one mixed, one half-and-half, and one twist. Until that day, I never knew that there were so many names for a combination cone.

My position on mixed cones is that they were invented to cater to the indecisive portion of the populace, those who can't decide between vanilla and chocolate. Some brilliant person was losing sales to indecisiveness, and so - tada! - the mixed cone came into being. (I had mixed feelings about telling you all this.)

Ah, here's the lady in charge, and she's not one bit indecisive: "Pile it on, girls. Higher."

No mixed for her. Chocolate. (Now, I have issues with chocolate too, but...)

Abigail, faithfully sweeping up the shadows at the end of the day.

Afterward a Little Volleyball

Faith sits guard over the valuables. (Hopeland Park has never had our complete trust since we heard the story of the theft of Josiah's cell phone.)

You still don't think I have that two palms thing in my head, do you, Ben? :-)

Well, one palm certainly doesn't work. :-)

Okay, I give in. Hands up.

Introducing a Living Room Concert...

...featuring the Wintons, a bluegrass band...

...that blessed us with an evening of restful music.

No, we didn't all go to sleep.

"Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that Martin guitars are made around here?"

You could just see PA rising in their estimation.

Can you all see fine back there?

Too engrossed in the music, no one answers.

Well, they can't say I didn't try.

After the final round of applause... bluegrass band meets another. (The results didn't sound to bad either.)

Typical Bobby in the shadows shot.

(I posted this just for you, Bobby. :)

Clayton, thoroughly accustomed to the limelight, even while eating.

Some things are just so obvious from behind the lens, but, to Philip and Conrad, who is taller was up for debate. :-)

They drink to each other's growth.