Saturday, April 18, 2009

Since there was no introduction
Running through my head,
I finally found my pencil lead
And scratched a poem instead.

We Homeschoolers Receive an Education on... Education

We attend an "open school" for the students of Farmersville Mennonite School.

Notice anything strange about this picture?

"Yeah, there's two things I remember about you: 1)You weren't much taller than me, and 2) you called me 'mouse.' " ;-)

While Dad talks to old school fellows, I photograph various curiosities...

Who would have thought?! ;-)

What??? Another Democrat?!

I didn't look because I didn't want to see, but I expect I got some funny looks because of the things I was photographing.

Dad tells the story of the classmate that tied the doorknobs together; then, panicking for fear of getting in trouble, tried to undo his work but accidentally yanked the doorknob off completely and got in trouble anyway.

Current Student

Present-Day Pupil

The spot where the contraband matches fell out of Dad's pocket, earning him a trip to the Principal's office (and, as Dad told us, "There was only one reason that anyone ever went to the Principal's office." :-)

Model Student

On to the Exhibits

The very popular game of Spot the People We Know.

Edited to be self-explanatory.

It's much easier to recognize Dad on this picture. I'm not offering a prize, but see if you can figure out which is Dad.

I've heard that people like to see themselves on a blog. I hope you're no exception, Aunt Sylvia. :-)

Not part of the official exhibits.

The Principal Attraction

Fire-Safety-Ladder Drill

We start out very authentically by letting the men escape first - the exact reverse of the exiting order if there were a real fire.

Come on down. It's not scary at all!

I think I'll wait until there is a real fire...

The only way these ladders could be considered safe is by comparing them to the greater danger of a fire.

We take a drive to view the storm damage...

...which is what everyone else is doing too.

I didn't take many photos because taking them through the window isn't much fun. Neither is jumping out of the van while waiting at an intersection! I did that for this picture. At least the lady behind us lost a lot of calories laughing at me.

One of the more successful window shots.

The barn roof may be lacking support, but the barn owner certainly doesn't appear to be.

Another reason I didn't get many photos: my chauffeur kept threatening to drive off.


Since there isn't a conclusion
Running through my head...

Ok, ok - I won't go there. ;-)

God Bless.