Saturday, April 18, 2009

We take a drive to view the storm damage...

...which is what everyone else is doing too.

I didn't take many photos because taking them through the window isn't much fun. Neither is jumping out of the van while waiting at an intersection! I did that for this picture. At least the lady behind us lost a lot of calories laughing at me.

One of the more successful window shots.

The barn roof may be lacking support, but the barn owner certainly doesn't appear to be.

Another reason I didn't get many photos: my chauffeur kept threatening to drive off.


Since there isn't a conclusion
Running through my head...

Ok, ok - I won't go there. ;-)

God Bless.


Scott Eash said...

Ah, I recognize that parking lot. ;-)

Josiah E. said...

And I recognize the trailer ;-)

Carmen, you are officially a photographer! By jumping out of a car at an intersection to get a picture you have demonstrated the ultimate level of dedication to your art! :)

Carmen M. said...

I am confident that you both recognize what you think you recognize.

So, Josiah, I have a question: Have you ever jumped out of a vehicle at an intersection? Sorry, had to know if you qualify as an "official photographer" by your own definition. ;-)