Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Evening Everyone,

Yes, I'm posting this rather late in the day, which may be why I do not feel inclined to give any introduction (sorry, to those of you who like them :-).

I'm headed to bed. Have fun.

A Visit at the Raines!

Fortunately, Mrs. Raine was not "sick of cooking" and neither was "the kitchen closed" (see plate above stove - you may have to click on the photo to be able to read it). The lunch was delicious (thank you Mrs. Raine and Emma - Oh yes, and you too Mr. Raine!).

Hmm... I wonder which the Raines have more of: toys or books?

I bet the old cameras in Emma's collection never thought they would see the day when they would be curiosities sitting on a shelf and being photographed by their descendants.

But we make the descendants work harder (take more photos) than a film camera ever did.

If you thought Mr. Raine knew a lot... then you need to hear Mrs. Raine talk about caning chairs! :-)
Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett, maybe?

My brothers and the Raine boys - a deadly combination.




(I'm tired of "Ready, Aim, Fire" so I decided to try some synonyms.)

Shot by the only enemy in sight - the photographer.

Resurrected and victorious!

(I get the feeling that they were glad to see me leaving.)

I'm still trying to decide why I am posting this picture. I know, it's bad blogging protocol to post photos for no reason, but... well... that is quite some chicken house isn't it?! (Conrad insists that I mention that it is frequented by foxes. I don't know whether the Raines will appreciate my making that public knowledge ;-) .
Time for a quilt "show and tell."

"I recognize that one!" - the classic line when looking at quilts made out of scraps.

Incredible! For once neither of them has anything to say!

Mr. Raine is always trying to broaden his horizons - he even stoops to learning about quilts. :-)
Mr. Raine doesn't remain quiet long. :-) We now move into one of his areas of expertise: Maple Syrup.

Any of this photo's faults are due to the fact that it was taken from at least a hundred yard's distance. Good shoes and a muddy yard are my excuses for not going with Emma to gather the sap.

A sympathizer to all photographic endeavors, Mr. Raine said, "I'll put the lid on really slow for you."

Trust me, it's good they strain the sap.

Last year's failure. ;-)

"What! you didn't like the maple syrup we gave you last year???"

We'll take more anyway. :-)

Our gift for taking the tour.

(Thank you, Raines, for the wonderful time!)

Valentine's Day

A time for hearts.

Definitely not a time for broken hearts. :-)

A time to bring out the china...

...and pour our favorite punch.

Caught red-handed!

I guess he forgot that we do this every year. ;-)


I've got one, two, three, four... ten valentines! I am so blessed!

The variant spelling of my name.

To long life, happiness and... many children!!!

Candace's suggested caption: "Drinking from the fountain of youth."

I know it's a stretch, but that IS a heart and it is also one of the best ways to eat chili!

A toast... to my loving sister and best friend!

To Charity and Mercy - may we always have you with us.

Candace and I attempted some Turkish Delight, which looked more like jello than anything else and, unfortunately, tasted more like jello than anything else.

Demolishing the art - always the worst part.

For Cherry Meringue (with cream cheese filling) it is worth it!

The remnants of our feast.
There were more carrots left than anything else (says a lot for our diet ;-).

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome back!

It's good that you all read introductions, because, if ever a post of mine needed an intro, it would be this one. But I don't want to give anything away, so just try to figure it out on your own, and if you have any questions ask me sometime. :-)

(A note on the status of this blog: As you may have noticed, this blog, which I updated on an almost weekly basis when I began, has become a bi-weekly blog for the most part. I'll try to keep it at that stage as long as possible, though I have a feeling that inevitably I may join the ranks of "neglected blogs" which are only updated once a month at the most. ;-)

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