Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett, maybe?

My brothers and the Raine boys - a deadly combination.




(I'm tired of "Ready, Aim, Fire" so I decided to try some synonyms.)

Shot by the only enemy in sight - the photographer.

Resurrected and victorious!

(I get the feeling that they were glad to see me leaving.)

I'm still trying to decide why I am posting this picture. I know, it's bad blogging protocol to post photos for no reason, but... well... that is quite some chicken house isn't it?! (Conrad insists that I mention that it is frequented by foxes. I don't know whether the Raines will appreciate my making that public knowledge ;-) .


Anonymous said...

If you are tired of "ready, aim, fire!" than you could do as Bobby did: "ready! fire! shoot!!"

~Rebecca~ said...

Oh, what a great photo opportunity! the boys looked great in their costumes! oh, great synonyms! I love the Black and white!