Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Not long ago, the Raines once again extended their wonderful hospitality to us, which is always propitious for pictures. Mr. Raine is becoming almost a fixture on this blog. ;-)
By the way, I hope this blog isn't becoming too violent for you. :-) Last time there was a rather savage sword fight, and this post features several formidable criminals as well as coverage of an attempted mugging. You read on at your own risk. The Saturday Evening Post will take no responsibility for nightmares and fainting spells caused by the content displayed on this blog.

Enjoy... :-)

Three Tales

Welcome to the Raines where there is a story behind everything. Why there's even one lurking behind this license plate!

"So I was coming out of this parking lot in M__ when a police officer pulls me over. He came up to my window and started asking, "Is your last name Raine?" "Do you know such and such a Raine?" and so on.

"Now, I thought this was a really odd line of interrogation but I figured this policeman must know my dad, and so I told him, 'Yes, that's my dad' and described him. He didn't tell me anything about himself but, after a while, he let me go. When I got home I asked my dad, "Do you know some officer over in M__?" I described him. My dad said, "Oh that must have been Jimmy!" So my dad decided he's going to call Jimmy.

Dad: Hey, Jimmy? Remember me? Well some kid stole my car over in M__ today.

Jimmy: What?! *long pause*
It's got to be someone you know! I stopped him today and he said he was your son - knew your name... how you looked and everything!

"Then my dad starts to describe me; I was standing there the whole time: "Did he have blue jeans? and a red shirt? Did he look a little like me too?" And Jimmy said, "Yes! Yes! He did. I can't believe this happened!!" My dad led him on for about five minutes! Then he finally told him."

A moment of laughter... at that police officer's expense.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, it was THIS license plate on the back of the car that made the policeman curious enough to pull Mr. Raine over.

Now for a Western!

Here we have a flighty young thing...

...with another of her kind, walking down the streets of a lil' ole' cow town, gossiping. What else?

Professional Con-men

"To hearken to gossip is...

...the road to destruction."

Destruction overtakes them: "Give me your purse."

Gentle Persuasion

"If you won't keep quiet, we'll keep you quiet!"

*pulls pistol out of purse*
"Sooo... you thought this would help, did ya?"

At the critical moment, one of the bandits' attention is diverted...

...and WHAM!

Whereupon the flighty young thing becomes a spunky young thing and proceeds to mash the villain's face.

A local rancher finishes the job much to everyone's satisfaction (excluding the bandit's of course).

And those two young ladies...? They lived vigilantly ever after.

Even though the bandits got what they deserved and those young ladies got off easy, the moral of the story is "Loose tongues are worse than wicked hands." ~ Jewish Proverb

Outlaws Mete Out the Law on Other Outlaws

Some of you may remember this guy? Well, he's still on the loose.

Three thieves reform, become justices of the peace, and, as penance for former sins, go hunt out the dreaded outlaw.

The Crisis

The Captive

The prison march...

...not without its tragedy.

(And you were thinking this was a comedy right?)

The outlaw charges his daughter with the family honor before...

...being locked behind bars.

His sentence: life, in the chicken coop.

The legend lives on.

The End.

And the moral of that story is "Children, obey you parents [only] in the Lord." :-)

Shooting shooting.

(A visit to the Raines just can't end without our trying out their camera.)

Some Very Random Stuff

Conrad building the building of a building.

With a little help, of course.

Boys standing in line at the local barber shop. :-)


And, contrary to what its name might suggest, the cake did taste okay! Just ask Mervin.

The awesome responsibility of taking a photo with Charity's camera for the first time.

Mug photo of recently apprehended criminal Conrad Martin. His crime? Demolishing coal furnaces, cutting water pipes, smashing light switches, and other illicit activity in the basement of local resident Gary Martin. He has been sentenced to forced labor in Gary Martin's basement, fixing augers and pipes, etc.

Mom's thoughts when she heard that Conrad had cut the wrong pipe in the cellar were, "Some people do work and some people do extra work."

One of these days now - won't be long...'ll be joining in the throng,
coming to buy the books that I've been stacking all night long.

Right? ;-)

Dad consults EBMS, the authority on all questions.

There's always a little time for an adventure!

We weren't all working... and, YES, we are going to sell that book as "New"! ;-)

Where should James Herriot go? He just doesn't fit in. Veterinary work... I guess it's kind of science, but his stories are more like fiction. Supposedly they're true - always did kind of wonder about some of them though...

Let's just say that knowing how to categorize and where to put everything is not the easiest task. People start to get a haunted look in there eyes after a while.

Time is running out.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless