Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now for a Western!

Here we have a flighty young thing...

...with another of her kind, walking down the streets of a lil' ole' cow town, gossiping. What else?

Professional Con-men

"To hearken to gossip is...

...the road to destruction."

Destruction overtakes them: "Give me your purse."

Gentle Persuasion

"If you won't keep quiet, we'll keep you quiet!"

*pulls pistol out of purse*
"Sooo... you thought this would help, did ya?"

At the critical moment, one of the bandits' attention is diverted...

...and WHAM!

Whereupon the flighty young thing becomes a spunky young thing and proceeds to mash the villain's face.

A local rancher finishes the job much to everyone's satisfaction (excluding the bandit's of course).

And those two young ladies...? They lived vigilantly ever after.

Even though the bandits got what they deserved and those young ladies got off easy, the moral of the story is "Loose tongues are worse than wicked hands." ~ Jewish Proverb


Anonymous said...

Is that a real switchblade?
Josiah S.

Carmen M. said...

I had to apply to my brother on that one, Josiah. I'm afraid I wouldn't have even known what a switchblade is if it hadn't been for "Twelve Angry Men."

Conrad says, "No, it just looked like one. I wish it were..." :-)