Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outlaws Mete Out the Law on Other Outlaws

Some of you may remember this guy? Well, he's still on the loose.

Three thieves reform, become justices of the peace, and, as penance for former sins, go hunt out the dreaded outlaw.

The Crisis

The Captive

The prison march...

...not without its tragedy.

(And you were thinking this was a comedy right?)

The outlaw charges his daughter with the family honor before...

...being locked behind bars.

His sentence: life, in the chicken coop.

The legend lives on.

The End.

And the moral of that story is "Children, obey you parents [only] in the Lord." :-)

Shooting shooting.

(A visit to the Raines just can't end without our trying out their camera.)


~Rebecca~ said...

How neat!!! Do you plan these photo shoots??? Because they are soooo adorable and funny!! Excellent job!!

~ Yes, I know what a blessing a large homeschooling family is. But where we live, alot of large families around here moved away because of jobs.

I noticed that this is a photo blog only, but wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your blog, so, that's why I gave you the award. If you don't put it up, that is absolutely fine! This blog is soooo nice!! My mom and I really enjoy it!
Keep up the good work!!


Carmen M. said...

They are planned spur of the moment, usually inspired by what is going on at the moment. Actually, sometimes, like with the golfing photos from my last post, I am just snapping, and then later on I find that they can be organized into a story which is totally unrelated to what was really going on at the time. The above sequences were the result of Candace's saying, "We out to do a photo story." She says I jumped on the idea so fast that it's no wonder that later I was under the impression that I had suggested it. ;-) We have fun and I couldn't do it without my siblings! But I had better stop before I give away all my blogging secrets... :-)

~Rebecca~ said...

Hey, secrets are meant to share!! Well, may be not all!

Candace seems to be full of energy!! It was cute!!

Great photography!!