Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yes Everyone... are at the right blog. I have a new post but it's still the same old blog. A few posts ago, I mentioned, jokingly, that I ought to rename my blog the Saturday Evening Post. The idea sort of stuck with me, and so, at least for now, this blog has a new name. For those of you who have never heard of it, the Saturday Evening Post is/was (?) a real magazine. For years, Norman Rockwell (who, as you ought to know by now, is my favorite artist) painted the magazine's cover illustrations. Either he made the magazine famous with his paintings or the magazine made him famous by featuring his paintings - I'm not sure which, but I imagine it was some of both. The reason I am adopting the name is mostly because of it's applicability, since I have posted every other Saturday for the last half year or so; though, ideally, my dream would be to be able to photograph the type of situations that Norman Rockwell captured. A few of the cover illustrations that I included in by blog header are personal favorites of mine. Maybe sometime I will feature a few with the reasons why I like them.

Anyway, I hope you can adjust to the new look. If it is too painful let me know. ;-)


Sylvia said...

Love the new look! Perfect for your type of photos!

Scott Eash said...

It's a pretty clever name I'd say, and very fitting. Does this mean you want your friends to call you "Carmen Rockwell" from now on? :-)

Carmen M. said...

As you can see, Scott, it took me the whole weekend to think that one over. :-) I decided that just Carmen will do. Maybe when my photos are as famous as Rockwell's paintings - maybe then I will consider it.