Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last time I STARTED with a random photo....

...This time I'll END with one, that Candace took.

Here's the baby of the family (for about six more months only!).

<><><> <><><> <><><>

That's all for this issue of the Saturday Evening Post.
Thanks for stopping by.
~The Editor~


Sylvia said...

Little cutie!

Anonymous said...

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.... now that's a movie I haven't watched in a while!! Very fun post! You are extremely creative w/ your pictures and your captions! I must say I had to mull over the last picture and caption for awhile.... :) Which leads me to believe that I am too tired to be awake right now... and at moments a little blond!
Please share my congratulations!!

~Mrs. Groff~
p.s. I enjoyed the pictures of the girls party! Looked fun!
I think the "obituary" takes the cake for me this week! LOL

glo said...

great blog, Carmen, great blog. but i have to agree-- the obituary totally 'took the cake' as previously mentioned. :) got lots of chuckles from that. The three stooges was good too! keep on being creative!! and ya know... you have a really good sense of humor. u make me want to blog.

--respectfully & sincerely yours, your aunt Gloria (that sounded kinda bookish, so I thought you might appreciate it..)