Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome Everyone,

And a special welcome to all you out in the Shippensburg area. I am not sorry to get your hopes up by that first sentence, because I do have a post on the Independence Day picnic for you today.

March on to the pictures.

(Oh, this post does overflow to the next page, by the way.)

July Fourth, I mean Fifth

The Stoltzfus family invited us to join them for some great fellowship at a celebration of Independence Day.

Independence Day mind you, not the Boston Tea-party.

Like true patriots, we drink only water and...

...more water.

What a blessing to live in a country where we have the liberty to live (not to mention drink) the way we want!

Liberty? I don't think so; she looks persecuted.

The Pursuit of Happiness?

Mr. Stoltzfus points to food in that direction.

Which becomes the direction we all head.

Did you ever hear the one about the blonde who was driving a golf-cart...

*thinks smugly* I'm going to wait until I'm more mature to get my golf-cart license.
Dessert Time

So what kind of pie did you make?

Looks like Marissa made the blueberry pie, but... shh...

Here come the judges and they aren't supposed to know whose pie is whose.

1-2-3... 13 pies!

Pie-judging is a head-scratching, lip-pursing job.

Derrick knows how to find the best pie: just find his wife's. It's as easy as that. (Wonder why he looks so puzzled?)

Just to prove how challenging this was... he's scratching his head, and he isn't even a judge.

The bakers speculate...

...Mr. Barbeito casts his vote...

...and I am sidetracked by the offer of free modeling.

Well, there I was enjoying my pie along with everyone else, when I felt a bottle tap my back. Bobby was wanting to know which side of the war I sympathized with. Naturally, I was with the colonials. That wasn't specific enough for Bobby it seemed. North or South - I had to pick one. I think July 1863 was on his mind more than July 1776.

I don't know if Derrick ever found Sarah's pie, but this guy sure did.

I didn't forget. Winner 2010 is...

...this young lady who has skills in more areas than baking.

Badminton seems to be THE game out there.

And after seeing Mr. Barbeito play sitting down, I am convinced that he is THE pro out there.
There's got to be a baby in the center of that group.

Baby escapes.

What a great opportunity to flatter the Stoltzfus's yard!

(Your whole property, not just the yard, is beautiful. Thanks for having us.)

Jeremy Bohannon - winner of the shooting match and, consequently, this flag.

It wasn't this type of shooting.

Great tripod, Hannah. Talk about innovation!
When Jon's one foot sprouts a hat and the other a small geyser...

...and people are colliding midair...

...there's got to be a reason

- A smokin' good reason!

Bobby pantomimes his idea for retaliation. Bring on the slingshot!

Be sure your balloon will find you out.

So I'm not the only one who was taught that little maxim: "When at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

V -a big one- for Victory

But victory was celebrated prematurely. The balloon is a dud.

(Enlarge to see dismayed expressions.)

Reinforcements arrive.

As well as fresh ammunition.

While the Battle of the Balloons rages, two little redcoats assault the badminton nets.

Supply and...


Behind the Scenes
(or behind the bushes in this case)

We end with Josiah yelling, "The British are coming!" or something equally patriotic.