Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dessert Time

So what kind of pie did you make?

Looks like Marissa made the blueberry pie, but... shh...

Here come the judges and they aren't supposed to know whose pie is whose.

1-2-3... 13 pies!

Pie-judging is a head-scratching, lip-pursing job.

Derrick knows how to find the best pie: just find his wife's. It's as easy as that. (Wonder why he looks so puzzled?)

Just to prove how challenging this was... he's scratching his head, and he isn't even a judge.

The bakers speculate...

...Mr. Barbeito casts his vote...

...and I am sidetracked by the offer of free modeling.

Well, there I was enjoying my pie along with everyone else, when I felt a bottle tap my back. Bobby was wanting to know which side of the war I sympathized with. Naturally, I was with the colonials. That wasn't specific enough for Bobby it seemed. North or South - I had to pick one. I think July 1863 was on his mind more than July 1776.

I don't know if Derrick ever found Sarah's pie, but this guy sure did.

I didn't forget. Winner 2010 is...

...this young lady who has skills in more areas than baking.

Badminton seems to be THE game out there.

And after seeing Mr. Barbeito play sitting down, I am convinced that he is THE pro out there.

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Josiah Stoltzfus said...

Right now it is the game out here. It used to be stealing sticks. And before that it was capture the flag.

Siah S