Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome back!

It's good that you all read introductions, because, if ever a post of mine needed an intro, it would be this one. But I don't want to give anything away, so just try to figure it out on your own, and if you have any questions ask me sometime. :-)

(A note on the status of this blog: As you may have noticed, this blog, which I updated on an almost weekly basis when I began, has become a bi-weekly blog for the most part. I'll try to keep it at that stage as long as possible, though I have a feeling that inevitably I may join the ranks of "neglected blogs" which are only updated once a month at the most. ;-)

Beef Stick Advertisement

Hello, Folks! I'm here to tell you about...

...Bridgeford Beef Sticks!

They're easy to work with...

...And, in leisure moments, they are just the thing to pop into your mouth.

You will find that they add a flavor of romance to even the dullest times.

These uplifting delicacies are made with top quality beef (no need to wonder "Where's the Beef?"), as well as being lowfat. At 120 calories, they pose no threats to your waistline!

So, I'm telling you, Folks, these Beautiful Extrordinary Elegant Fashionable Sticks are simply a MUST!

Available at Denver Wholesale Foods
(while supplies last)

The Story Behind the Ad

Last-minute adjustments to Candace's hair before the photo-shoot.

Distracted by wondering what the traffic thinks of them.

By the time I thought of doing this, there was only one beef stick left.

"Aww! I got the short end."

By the way, I forgot to mention that cats love these sticks! :-)

I was thinking of the famous photo of Winston Churchill when I took this.

I should have had the actual photograph to compare to.

We had an incredibly fun time taking all these pictures...and MANY others! - you didn't even see half!

Detail from the previous photo.

Mirror Art

OH NO! I don't think we can handle two Candaces! - why, we won't be able to spend any money now!

(Wondering why? This post ought to explain it. :-)

A child's wonder at the mystery of a mirror.

Random Photos

Last time I let you peek through the kitchen window; here is the view from our schoolroom window.

The matching socks were a coincidence; their chins resting on their hands was not a coincidence.

Now, Dad, I don't want to be too hard on you, but... new toy before History class??? (Work then play, right? I'm fairly certain it was you who taught me that. ;-)

The family architect?

Blanche's Doghouse

Hello, Folks (no this isn't another advertisement), I'm here to give you a tour of the beautiful doghouse that Conrad built for Blanche.

Uh, Uh... I thought you weren't going to be home for several hours yet...


If you had half as much fun with this post as I did....... :-)

God Bless!