Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Story Behind the Ad

Last-minute adjustments to Candace's hair before the photo-shoot.

Distracted by wondering what the traffic thinks of them.

By the time I thought of doing this, there was only one beef stick left.

"Aww! I got the short end."

By the way, I forgot to mention that cats love these sticks! :-)

I was thinking of the famous photo of Winston Churchill when I took this.

I should have had the actual photograph to compare to.

We had an incredibly fun time taking all these pictures...and MANY others! - you didn't even see half!

Detail from the previous photo.


Abigail said...

I'm sure you all did have fun--it looks like it. :-)

~Rebecca~ said...

The hair style and costumes- way too cute!

Your little sister was sooooo cute too!