Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I doubt I need to point out that posts have been shorter and less thought-out recently.

Photography is something I have little time for right now, but I'm hoping that, with summer here, photo quantity, and maybe even quality, will increase.

Caption quantity and quality -- now that's another "something" that takes a lot of time. Maybe I'll just start posting without comment. Sounds restful...

Okay, no more threats. God Bless you all.

Charity and Faith at the Piano

"In Dreams" - Duet by Charity and Faith from Carmen Martin on Vimeo.

Dad and Mom Take a Bus Trip

Morning in PA, our aunts and uncles swarm the bus.

Evening in NC, they abandon it.

While our parents were watching gulls and...

...feeding gulls and...

...strolling beautiful beaches...


Neither were we sitting on the table.

We did not have a can of Cheetos each for lunch.

In short, we abandoned neither manners nor moderation.

And even though we did wash a few vehicles, we did not...

...wash them all.

But let's check back to see how the wayfarers are enjoying their vacation (and the lemons).

Mom with her father Phares, her brother Phares, and her son Phares.

For devotions while they were gone, Conrad taught a two-part series on God's providence.

An adventure it was for all of us, yes; but, when the sun set on it, we were glad to be back together.

More Things We've Been Doing

Breakfast at Panera Bread with the dear Ornelas girls.

More modeling for Kristen.

For a short time, this beautiful purse was within our grasp (literally), but then... We had to send it back home with Kristen. :-)

Kate Middleton? No way!

(This was just girlish dress-up. When the photo was taken, the girls didn't even know a royal wedding was imminent.)

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless.