Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tale of Two Saturdays

...which were in a row one right after the other, and which were the biggest summer highlights for our church. Some of you can probably guess...

Jon and Monique's Wedding:
About 50% of my coverage is exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from the girls' side of the wedding preparations. I think most of you only saw one photo of that? :-) But despite my advantage on that scene, I have to admit my lack of coverage from the ceremony itself (one photo - that's all ;-). After all, I was in it, and I can't be every where at once.

The Church Picnic:
Every year there are the same traditional games, the same food basically, the same people for the most part, and so, not surprisingly, it can easily be one of those times when all the photos are about the same as last year's. But there's another thing fortunately that is always the same: we enjoy looking at the pictures... even if they do look like last years.

1st Saturday - Jonathan and Monique's Wedding

Early in the morning a group of "joyful hearts" (see sign) gathers at the church.

The flowers and Mr. Phero - both "bear essentials" I think you'll agree.

More human and botanical bear essentials.

Getting the hair out of the way.

What do you think, Kristen? Is this photo superfluous? :-)
(Sorry, little inside joke here.)

Karen gets the blanket/hairspray treatment.

What's this? Is the joy being shattered by a tiff between bride and bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid: Well, he's my brother...
Bride: *crosses arms defiantly* I don't care if he is your brother! He's going to be my husband.

Just for the record, nothing like this ever happened (or ever would where these two ladies are involved). It's just an example of how something totally different than what was going on can be read into a picture. :-)

Friends. In a little more than an hour they'll be sisters.

With only an hour left to go, the love notes start flying back and forth.

Time to dig out the flowers.

*dismayed* "That's not my bouquet is it?!"

The Einwechter girls did a fantastic job with the flowers. EVERYBODY thought so.
With everything almost ready, we get to work taking pictures.

The bridesmaids go at it with a will.

Even the bride!

And all the professionals do is stand around and pose?!!

Last minute, Philip peaks in his head: "You do have a pen for the guest book don't you??"

Come on, Philip, let's roll! Red or blue - it doesn't matter.

You could tell Victoria she was gaining a brother all you wanted; she was still convinced she was losing a sister.

For those of you who wanted to see my dress.

One wonderful young lady!

This photo has been stolen from Life Through a Viewfinder.
To see the official wedding coverage click here.

From the Reception

They might now be "one" but I say they need practice not to look in two different directions. ;-)

By their looks, you would think that cutting the cake is unavoidable drudgery.

Planning for the future - the very near future.

We all expected this of course.

Surprise! They finally get into the spirit of things.

The Aftermath

I'm guessing you never saw any other bride and groom clean up their own mess. These two have been extremely well-trained!
The videographer starts to feel like he's missing out: "GO get me some cake."

What's this?! Is Emma making off with official wedding leftovers again??

The stage steps - a place for candids... well as poses.

A word of advice from Monique's father.

After which he symbolically knights Jonathan as a representation of his new duty to protect Monique.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wedding has come to its conclusion... except we don't know yet what that conclusion will be. And while the mikes are being set up, I have been given permission to offer you a performance. This will be the last opportunity that the Einwechters will have of playing together for a long, long time. Even now, a vehicle is waiting beneath this auditorium to take Jonathan Einwechter and his new bride on their honeymoon.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, the family Einwechter... to bid you farewell.

(All right, that's as far as I'll take that adaption from The Sound of Music. :-)

The in-laws are already enthusiastic fans.

Jonathan and Monique thank a few very special people...

...such as the matchmaker for instance. (See, I told you he was "essential." :-)

The boys love this part.

But then again, don't we all?

Jonathan and Monique, it was a beautiful, God-honoring wedding! God Bless you both.

2nd Saturday - IFRC Church Picnic

After all that work, the church family needs some play.

What are the Raines doing here?? Why, we even prayed that no rain would come today! ;-)

The seesaws - they get played on every year.

The confident brother.

The timorous sister.

The sliding board - it gets slid on every year.

Last year it was Mr. Raine helping Isaac through the food line asking "Some of this? Some of that?" I take it he and Mrs. Raine must take turns.

Food worth eating; friends worth having.

"Are YOU going to eat all that?!"
I don't know what kind of appetite he thinks I have. One the size of a mouse's? :-)

This is the proper, ladylike way to eat a hotdog. In a few posts, you will see the unmannerly, masculine way of devouring hotdogs.

A week later they're still smiling.