Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st Saturday - Jonathan and Monique's Wedding

Early in the morning a group of "joyful hearts" (see sign) gathers at the church.

The flowers and Mr. Phero - both "bear essentials" I think you'll agree.

More human and botanical bear essentials.

Getting the hair out of the way.

What do you think, Kristen? Is this photo superfluous? :-)
(Sorry, little inside joke here.)

Karen gets the blanket/hairspray treatment.

What's this? Is the joy being shattered by a tiff between bride and bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid: Well, he's my brother...
Bride: *crosses arms defiantly* I don't care if he is your brother! He's going to be my husband.

Just for the record, nothing like this ever happened (or ever would where these two ladies are involved). It's just an example of how something totally different than what was going on can be read into a picture. :-)

Friends. In a little more than an hour they'll be sisters.

With only an hour left to go, the love notes start flying back and forth.

Time to dig out the flowers.

*dismayed* "That's not my bouquet is it?!"

The Einwechter girls did a fantastic job with the flowers. EVERYBODY thought so.

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