Saturday, September 19, 2009

With everything almost ready, we get to work taking pictures.

The bridesmaids go at it with a will.

Even the bride!

And all the professionals do is stand around and pose?!!

Last minute, Philip peaks in his head: "You do have a pen for the guest book don't you??"

Come on, Philip, let's roll! Red or blue - it doesn't matter.

You could tell Victoria she was gaining a brother all you wanted; she was still convinced she was losing a sister.

For those of you who wanted to see my dress.

One wonderful young lady!

This photo has been stolen from Life Through a Viewfinder.
To see the official wedding coverage click here.


Josiah E. said...

"And all the professionals do is stand around and pose?!!"

Actually, I think a lot of photographers in this sort of circumstance know that if they don't pose when they get a chance they will have to forget about a getting a decent photo of themselves. :)

Of course one can always just visit LTAV to see that they were really doing their job. :)

~Rebecca~ said...

Lovely photos and lovely dress! I have awarded your blog!! Stop by mine to pick it up,