Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time with Family

Hello Everyone,

I have sat here several minutes now attempting to write this introduction. First I typed something; then I deleted it; after that I repeated the process. I thought about saying that the weather is too nice on a day like this to be in front of the computer, but I do enjoy blogging - so I deleted that. :-) I also deleted my comment that it has been a good two weeks - not because it hasn't been (it has!). I just couldn't get the idea worded properly. You know, I even considered trying poetry, but that would have been a little repetitious...

Come to think of it, this is a photo blog isn't it?

Go look at the pictures. :-)

Lettuce for Lunch

"Son, it looks like you have some lettuce here on your plate. You have to be a good example for Jesse you know."

"Aww, Daddy, do I have to?"

"Mmm... this stuff isn't so bad after all."

"WHAT! You mean you actually like that stuff?!"

*forks it in* "Oh, yeah. I could eat salad any day."

The latest in sun-protection headgear: It keeps the sun out and lets the breeze in. :-)

The real owner of the above-mentioned "headgear."

Remember my cousin who doesn't like photographers? His motto:
You shoot me - I'll shoot you.

Frisbee Frame

Actually, it's not a conventional frisbee. It has another name that slipped my mind.

Where these types of things always end up. (Well, not the ball. :-)

Hiking to Dinosaur Rock

"You coming, Gerry?"

"Well maybe... if you let me read your Forbes magazine..."


Uncle Gary giving flight lessons in case anyone gets stuck on the top of Dinosaur Rock.

Keon: You bet I'm climbing to the top!

Trying to decide whether he has good enough tread on his shoes.

The reason behind the name "Dinosaur Rock."

Giving a cousin a hand.

Looking for a way down and starting to grow concerned.

Hmm... I wonder if he's still up there...

Rescue Operation


(He's got brush burns coming his way if you ask me.)

A boy's pinnacle.

His sister's more "down-to-earth" position.

A little boy's heady vantage point.

A choice bit of graffiti for all you stringed instruments fans.

I agree, Ana - I'm shocked! To think that our cousin would do a thing like that...

More of the lovely stuff (which we were NOT responsible for!).

Man's "art" sometimes mars things; God's art never does.

By faith, Candace Martin stepped off of the rock and into mid-air. :-)

Moving out.

Rear Guard

Younger cousins' employments.

Candace took this. Candace and Carmen both thought it was cute. Carmen posted it.

Shadow art, which was outlawed as soon as the slide show (from our Aunt and Uncle's trip to Africa) officially began.

It's been a long day for everyone, including the dog.


God Bless.