Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hi Everyone,

At the moment that this post pops up onto my blog, I will most likely be sitting down to lunch at a cabin four hours away from home without Internet connection. So, yes, I'm trying my first scheduled post ever. If anything is out of order or strange-looking you will know why. Actually, it could be messed up since I was messing with the HTML on some of the pictures, which is why some of the photos look sharper while the others still look grainy and pixelated.

Swimming with Cousins...

...which is what the rest of us did while Candace and Dad were deep sea fishing (see last post). That meant that I was stuck with my camera, so I had to get it out of retirement. :-)

This long water slide is the main attraction of the pond.

Though the kitten comes close, for some people.

Ana makes an honorary appearance on the blog. (It almost looks like it could be Faith, not?)

Conrad's attraction was definitely the diving board. He exercised all due caution of course.

First (just to test it, not to work up courage) he jumped off.

I'm starting to think that there were a lot of attractions that day. There was standing room only in the bleachers for this show.

Finally... I'll dive or die diving.

Charity - a veteran (she survived even though Conrad didn't).

And by the end of the day, everyone was rather attracted to the idea of being pushed about in a oar-less row-boat.

Bridal Showers...

...a time for gifts.

Before I get ahead of myself, we need to go back in time to the first shower for Becky.

The girls playing a game at Becky's shower.

Now, it's Jonathan and Monique's turn. They really got excited about those heart-shaped cookie cutters! ;-)

The gift everybody said "Wow!" about. (Jonathan and Monique said "Wow!" about every gift. :)

Just in case you were getting the impression that Jon and Monique were the only ones in the room... (To each other they might have been...)

Do I hear wedding bells ringing?

Pealing madly!

Monique: Jon, that was a bridal shower. What do you think?

We now take a break from wedding stuff... see the Collingsworth family perform.

If there's front seats left, we'll be in them, rain or shine. (In this case, as you can see, it was "shine" but two weeks before when we were at Coleman Park to hear the King's Brass, we had the very same seats in the "rain.")

The daughters do some great fiddling...

...but the reason I went was to hear Mrs. Collingsworth play the piano!

To watch her play click here.

Back to Wedding Stuff

Killing two birds with one stone by cleaning the church for both Becky/Bill's wedding and Jon/Monique's wedding.

Banners are going up.

And banners are not wanting to stay up.

Little note of interest: By the next wedding, they were getting things figured out it appears. Conrad informs me that Jon and Monique's banner was tied up with... drum roll... fishing line.

Arches are going up.

And arches are not wanting to stay up.

It was standing firmly the day of the wedding. Makes one wonder, could it have been... fishing line??

Hmm... I've got an idea... (Fishing line??)

Skeptical Supervisors

"Cheer up, we'll get it figured out yet."

(Always good to have an optimist about at times like these.)

The Wedding of Bill and Becky Ensinger

A few of the shots that I took whenever I forgot that my job was to help in the kitchen:

Wedding favors: bars of goat milk soap made by the bride herself.

Becky hides out with the kitchen crew until it is time.

It's time. Is it safe?

Becky gets the "All's clear."

My (and the bride's) dear friend Karen

Sarah was so kind as to look straight towards me when I took this.

It's so hard to be original when doing wedding photos. All that comes to mind is "Here comes the Bride..."

"Praise God. Let's go eat!" ;-)

Don't forget to sign the guest quilt first.

We had it so nice in the kitchen. Everything was ready; we just had to plop it on platters...

...and pop it under the curtain.

Except the cake... I'm guessing from experience that it wasn't just plopped on platters!

The last official job of the official kitchen crew, after posing for the official kitchen crew photo taken by the official photographer, was to compile two plates of leftovers for the bride and groom's supper.

Official wedding crasher Emma tries to make a get-away with the couple's food.

There is a truck coming... you just can't see it.

And just when we thought they had gone, they came back to shake their fists at the clean-up crew. ;-)

<><><> <><><> <><><>

I'll be back Monday to fix any posting problems. :-)

God Bless