Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swimming with Cousins...

...which is what the rest of us did while Candace and Dad were deep sea fishing (see last post). That meant that I was stuck with my camera, so I had to get it out of retirement. :-)

This long water slide is the main attraction of the pond.

Though the kitten comes close, for some people.

Ana makes an honorary appearance on the blog. (It almost looks like it could be Faith, not?)

Conrad's attraction was definitely the diving board. He exercised all due caution of course.

First (just to test it, not to work up courage) he jumped off.

I'm starting to think that there were a lot of attractions that day. There was standing room only in the bleachers for this show.

Finally... I'll dive or die diving.

Charity - a veteran (she survived even though Conrad didn't).

And by the end of the day, everyone was rather attracted to the idea of being pushed about in a oar-less row-boat.

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