Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello Everyone,

This post was going to be shorter than usual, but then last minute I added a section explaining why it was shorter than usual. Now, I'm not sure it's all that short anymore.

By the way, the Raines came over one evening not long ago. I was ready for them. And I hope you're ready for another story. :-)

Why This Post Is Shorter Than Usual

Candace and I have been cleaning out our room in preparation for some renovations. Seventeen years' accumulation of things! It's been a job. In the process, "Big Sister" (our over-sized rag doll) was resurrected. You see, when we were little, she was taller than we were; hence the name.

"Carmen, you don't mean to tell me you've kept this all these years?!"

(I tell you, some things I've kept so long that it's almost a pity to throw them away now. :)

So we've said goodbye to our old room with its horse-hair plaster walls and it's mysterious back staircase...

...and moved into the Land of Spare 'Oom.

Also today, we moved the kitchen and living room into the garage. It's kind of like living in a one-room log cabin, without the logs.

"A Photo Shooting"

Once upon a camera... someone was shot. *policeman holds up photo*

The charged party was searched but no evidence was found.

Puzzled, the police decided to get an angle on the crime by reconstructing the scene of the shot.

"You stand there. And you - you stand just where you were standing when it happened."

The police discovered that their suspect had been framed by the real criminal.

Their focus had been on the wrong person.

So they charged the other possible criminal.

When they searched her for evidence...

...they found it.

She was the photographer who fired that fatal shot.


I forgot about coming up with some type of appropriate sentence for the "criminal." Any ideas? Deletion from this life maybe? Come on, help me out. :-)

(Thanks, Raines, for helping me once again. You all make great actors.)

Scenes from March

It's March 15. Candace is calmly reading Julius Caesar when she realizes... "(gasp) Today is the Ides of March!"

But her superstition was shortly lost in her indignation toward Brutus.

Clayton: The sun is in my eyes, Carmen, and it must be in yours too or you would see that telephone pole cluttering up your background.

Ah, better. No sun and no pole.

Chore Wars

Clayton: I'm so tired. This is the last diaper I'm going to fold.

Christian: Don't say that again. You have to help me finish them, you hear?

Bull fight develops.

Worse things develop.

(In the end though, they got all the diapers folded. They're good chaps.)

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The Land of Spare 'Oom is currently in need of some organization. So I'm signing off. God Bless your week.