Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello there.

Welcome to the latest edition of A Reflection of Me, featuring nothing, but made up of an assortment of different topics.

Hay-making... for the benefit of guinea pigs, cats, and such creatures.

Art (to me).
My family strongly urged me not to display my poor judgment by posting this. I told them, "But see, the shape of the house is reflected in the outline of the boxes." Dad said, "Nobody will realize that unless you point it out." So I'm pointing it out... ;-)

God's art. My picture.


The Transportation of a Bunch of Under-age Drivers

Like father, like son.

The problem with go-carts is that they are always having problems: a problem starting, a problem running, a problem stopping (at least when Clayton is driving), etc.

The joy of the ride.

The Rookie

Piggy-back Instructor

Nothing Runs Like A Deere...

...when there is a strong little boy behind the wheel.

Some folks work; others take free rides.

MiddleCreek + Friends = Fun

Fun, like going hiking.

A dangerous rival photographer indeed! He even has a personal bodyguard.

Motherly Love

So, the trail actually took us somewhere. (Looks like a dead-end.)

We're all headed towards the visitors center - just at different rates of speed. :-)

Soberly contemplating the long distance we have hiked.

I bet when he was younger, water fountains were a lot higher. They make them too low these days. ;-)

A group of still-thirsty travelers.

The "got water" trio: one doesn't got water, one got water ready, and one got water now!


Fancy editing? No. Shutter malfunction.

Catch-Phrase: the latest game revolutionizing the homeschool community. ;-)

"Come on, don't you know what I mean?"

"No. No clue."

Dad informed me that he is "sick and tired of seeing pictures of other photographers." (No fault of yours, of course, Josiah :).

Isaac explaining the finer details of his phrase.

Headed Home

Random Stuff that Hasn't Fit in Anywhere

Baby-sitting... literally.

Candace entertaining Lauren by telling her that we ate "real dandelion!" for supper (true, by the way).

The art of playing play-dough.

We buy discount butter in huge blocks that then have to be chopped up.

It takes a long time to chop up a half-frozen 50 lb. block of butter; it takes even longer because we become distracted taking photos like this one.

This calendar illustrates the passage of time in more ways than one.


Less like my photography, more like my editing.

``` ``` ```

Goodbye, until Saturday two weeks from now Lord willing. :-)