Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Stuff that Hasn't Fit in Anywhere

Baby-sitting... literally.

Candace entertaining Lauren by telling her that we ate "real dandelion!" for supper (true, by the way).

The art of playing play-dough.

We buy discount butter in huge blocks that then have to be chopped up.

It takes a long time to chop up a half-frozen 50 lb. block of butter; it takes even longer because we become distracted taking photos like this one.

This calendar illustrates the passage of time in more ways than one.


Less like my photography, more like my editing.

``` ``` ```

Goodbye, until Saturday two weeks from now Lord willing. :-)


Anonymous said...

The switch from playdough to butter was quite sudden for me... leaving me wondering what exactly you are eating or should I say "playing with".... Lol!! I'm just kidding! :) Fun post, I especially though the comment on go carts was funny... (we used to have a snowmobile with some of the same issue... ) Anyway, have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Groff

Carmen M. said...

Yes, I have to admit we are rather a strange family: the younger ones sometimes eat the play dough instead of playing with it, and we older ones "play" with butter. :-)