Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Patrons,

You almost didn't get a post this week. Think about that for a little. Could you have survived without one? :-) Actually, I thought you were going to get a very short post, but then....the snow arrived! Although winter may, for the most part, be the drabbest part of the year, when it does snow, there is nothing to compare to the beauty of it! The cold temperatures are not quite as desirable, especially since I have a hard time escaping from them (I sleep in the coldest room of the house and do school in the second coldest part of the house). I take comfort in the fact that 1) sleeping in the cold is supposed to be healthy and 2) cold air supposedly sharpens the brain helping it too think more clearly. Perhaps the reason I am struggling to get this post together is that I am doing it in the warmest part of the house. You probably skip this intro anyway, so why waste more time on it. Candace just got done informing me that my openings usually sound pretty ON TO THE PICTURES!
Welcome to our home... the most gorgeous season of the year!

After admiring through the window, the outdoor's beauty had a compelling effect upon me. I got a camera and my boots, and you are about to see the results.

Morning Glory

Why Dad likes summer.

Those poor, deprived public school children! Homeschoolers don't have to operate under an unbending schedule which doesn't allow time for such things as venturing out in the snow to take photos.

Pets' Reactions to the Snow

Warming up.

Feline Tag!

Canine Sprint!

(I laugh outright every time I see that picture.)

When I asked Dad what he thought of my cropping job, he reassured me greatly by saying, "Well, it would make a good bookmark..."

These snow-laden pine needles remind me of uniform epaulettes.

No, my feet aren't that big. I was borrowing Mom's size 10 boots.

I looked everywhere. I thought, "There have to be icicles somewhere." Finally, I found some on the front of the van. I suppose that was the only place that was warm enough to melt anything.

A Series Illustrating the Aquisition of our Porch

After many late nights of pouring over blueprints...

...the demolition begins.

It's free labor for Dad, and (as everybody knows) boys love tearing things apart - so everyone should be happy. :-)

"Master, what fine work you do!"

(That look of awe on her face - I can't get over it!)

Sacrifices always accompany the realization of a dream. Our favorite lilac bush had to make way for the new porch.

Blanche spies ball.

"Is anyone watching?"

Nope. He's oblivious.

Locked in.

Some not-so-free assistance for Conrad arrives.

The rock pile which has given rise to the rumor that the Martins have erected an altar in their front yard. :-)

Taking shape.

Can you tell that we are (prematurely) eager to use our porch?


Well, almost.

I just took this picture yesterday after the builders finished putting up the railing, which really was the last step.

Shopping with Friends!

Of all five girls that went, at least three consider this to be their favorite store (right, Karen and Abigail?). I'm telling you, it's a pretty extraordinary place!

No, they aren't twins.

Sorry, Abigail...I don't think it's quite my style...

The "inner child" (can't believe I used that phrase!) within us forced us to investigate this neighboring toy shop.

A brand my siblings rave about.


When we go skating, there is always the obstacle of the dreaded electric fence. Eventually, someone steps forward and gingerly tests the wires. If all is clear, then we all climb through.

I can just feel that gnawing chill in the fingers that you have to tolerate to get skates on. * shivers* Ever try tying skates with mittened hands? - It doesn't work.

All we have is this little puddle in the meadow with weeds poking through, but it works.

Lookin' at home on the ice - which, if you know Faith, is unbelievable!

The March of the Penguins

Prehistoric Hockey (the kind the Neanderthals would have played :-)

If thy brother offends thee, knock him over the head.

The Battle of Wounded Knee

(Do you know your history? :-)

Heads, hats, and scarves.

(Rather obvious eh? Sorry, I'm just not feeling very inspired today.)

"Carmen, you are asking me to do the impossible!"

I told you that you could. :-)

Don't laugh! I was trying to get them to strike different poses for me, but I got almost zero cooperation.

Taken during the five second interval between the time Clayton squealed "Oww! They're squashing me!" and Faith wailed, "I'm freezing fast to the ice!"

Homeward Bound

Holding up the traffic, who happened to be the previous owner of our property.

Doesn't this remind you of that lesson that was drilled into all of us as children? Repeat after me: "Look both ways before you cross a road!"

God Bless your efforts to stay warm!