Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Patrons,

You almost didn't get a post this week. Think about that for a little. Could you have survived without one? :-) Actually, I thought you were going to get a very short post, but then....the snow arrived! Although winter may, for the most part, be the drabbest part of the year, when it does snow, there is nothing to compare to the beauty of it! The cold temperatures are not quite as desirable, especially since I have a hard time escaping from them (I sleep in the coldest room of the house and do school in the second coldest part of the house). I take comfort in the fact that 1) sleeping in the cold is supposed to be healthy and 2) cold air supposedly sharpens the brain helping it too think more clearly. Perhaps the reason I am struggling to get this post together is that I am doing it in the warmest part of the house. You probably skip this intro anyway, so why waste more time on it. Candace just got done informing me that my openings usually sound pretty ON TO THE PICTURES!


Isaac said...

Nice post! I usually always read the intro, and there not that lame ;)
I'm still thinking about "surviving without a post" :)

Jen said...

The porch is very nice!! Looks like it will be especially lovely on a warm summer day with a glass of lemonade and a good book!!

Skating looks fun as well!! Some of the poses remind me of the time I usually spend bonding with the ice!!! Lol... :) Good post!

Shad E. said...

...I sleep in the coldest room of the house...

I know how you feel. Our house has central heat, but the room in which I sleep is the furthest away from the furnace, making it the coldest bedroom in the house. So, I've taken up my "winter sleeping quarters" in a sleeping bag on the family-room sofa (one of the warmest places to be).

As you can tell from my comment, I too read intros.

Queen of Ethiopia said...

Carmen,I told you that your openings sound lame to promote even greater excellence in your introductory remarks

Isaac said...

I see, keep up the good work, Queen of Ethiopia!(I know who you are ;))

glo said...

Carmen, once again... all your photography & journalism skills impressed me greatly!! WOW. Good stuff. I chuckled & grinned often. :) Love the ice skating ones, especially. Also great snow pics!! U need to go in business.

PS. Candace, I hate to say this... i really do.... but I thought her intros were excellent. LOL

Carmen M. said...

Mrs. Groff, you and me think alike (which doesn't come as a surprise :-)! Right now when I look at the porch, all I see is its summer potential. I'll have to find a really good book for the porch's debut!

Wait a minute, Shad. You say you know how I feel, and then you go on to say that you are so fortunate as to have "winter sleeping quarters!" Well, I have an electric blanket, so I guess we'll call it even.

Gloria, once you take those photography classes that you were contemplating several years ago, then, and only then, will I consider going into business. If you are willing to form a partnership that is!

And thank you, everyone, for your reassuring comments concerning my intros. I think my confidence is now built up to a point where I will never feel like I have to apologize for anything I say! :-) However, I will continue to strive for "greater excellence".....that's a promise!

Philip E. said...

Great post Carmen! Neat snow pics.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. (I usually read the intro as well.)