Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Another two weeks of God's grace has gone by. Please stop to count your blessings.

But don't count the photos.


2011 Farm Show

Notice a theme?

The John Deere skirts are interviewed by the Lancaster Farming.

When all the John Deere talk (and all the coats) started to get to Mr. Raine, he threatened to go buy a Case IH shirt.

So we steered in the direction of the John Deere display...

...which was conveniently close to the Turkey Hill stand.

A fellow ice cream and John Deere fan.

Mr. Raine, won't you please help the poor girl solve her Rubik's Cube.

(Mr. Raine was once a four-state Rubik's Cube champion.)

Opening Ceremonies of the Farm Show

(The opening prayer was asked in the name of Jesus Christ - an unexpected blessing.)

Rodeo begins.

Woah! That'll be hard to beat.

The next rider lowers her visor - well, okay, maybe not.

But a helmet might not be a bad idea.

Helmet or no helmet, that's one chivalrous cowboy.

No, it's not a gingerbread house. Well, it is but - I mean - it's more: it's a gingerbread mansion!

Some Random Stuff

I was going through some files from earlier this year. I found this Margaret O'Brien style photo of Mercy.

Also, I found that the posting of Mom's birthday photo had been delayed. I must have figured I'd give her two extra months of being 42.

Phares is still ruminating on books by the way.

That's it for today: the cap hasn't been off the lens much lately.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God Bless.


P.S. How many came up with eighteen?