Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you came here expecting a whole post on the baby, you're wrong. It's not that he's not interesting; it's not that he's not cute; and it's certainly not that he's not loved. It's just that he fits in pretty easily, didn't make a lot of disturbance with his entrance into the family (in other words, life went on), and so, for that reason, he's not making the headlines. Check out the Births Column though - he'll be listed (in fact he'll be the only one listed).

So what is in this edition? Well, quite a few things are "pointed out" in this issue. Also, you may remember the UFO investigation at the end of the last post? There are a few more UFO sightings this time. The rest is pretty much just local news. Enjoy.

Foto For the Fortnight

Taken by Candace. That girl and her bird shots! Wow.

Featured Face of the Fortnight

My second cousin - I think. (I have several hundred of them; let's just say it's difficult to keep track of them all.)

Births Column

His Royal Cuteness...

...who is enthroned in the hearts of his siblings.

They are both named Phares, but one is the other's 100th grandchild.
(Hmm... My readership is pretty smart. I don't think I have to mention which is which. :)

The lion and the lamb?

He was born just yesterday (literally was on this picture) and all he knows is eating and sleeping.

Oh, and how could I forget. Crying.

Winter Wonderland

Here's a guy who wasn't born just yesterday. Why, he's already seen several winters.

Mercy lost out in a blizzard.

Partners in Climb - ready to face the backyard version of Mt. Everest.

King of the Mountain

A new power rises in the North.

That power takes a tumble...

...and is hauled off on a "stretcher."

Over-exposed... to the cold. ;-)

"Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh..." You have to use your imagination for the "one-horse open sleigh" part.

Looks like there's going to be a lot of leftovers from Candace's lunch today.

Ok, which came first wars or forts? Really, think about it. In the general scheme of things, which did come first?

Which came first, the snowball or the cannonball. Ok, I know - that one's a bit too obvious.

It's not just folks in Alaska who have to worry about being snowed in.

Game Night at the Pheros

Introducing the reporter for the evening, who was, of course, representing the Saturday Evening Post.

In the Mystery Museum case, the archeologist gives his solution to the crime, which did not agree with the Saturday Evening Post's take on the robbery. (In the end, neither were right I might add. But then again, I might not add that, since it reflects badly on the accuracy of this publication's news reporting.)

On to a game of Matches... "Hmm... Something I want that's really expensive??"

Dreaming of the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens.

Did I get the right one, Josiah? :)

A head pops up. "Did I hear something about a 70-200mm Canon lens?"

*shakes head* Soon Dorothy will be reading Scott Kelby's photography books... And her last name isn't even Einwechter.

So, now I want to know, who's winning.

Oh, blue. Definitely blue.

Dorothy makes a good point. Red has already won.

We are going to play a game of Name-That-Tune arranged by Shad. (Uh, the game was arranged by Shad, not the tune. :)

At least we were going to.

Mr. Phero assures us that one thing is going to happen. Team 2 will win. After all, two fingers makes a V and V stands for Victory.

But Josiah makes a valid point. One is first. Always.

Philip stares down all competition. Three fingers stands for W, which stands for Win. Team 3 will win.

Rather conveniently I have forgotten who won. My apologies.

True Art Column

A dried flower arrangement by Mrs. Eash.

The Martins and a Report on What They Do When They're Together

For starters, we do accuracy checks on children's Bible stories by comparing them to the true Biblical accounts. In this case, the story book let the dove out of the ark before the it came to rest on Mt. Arat. Serious apostasy.

We generally aren't so hard on the songs we sing.

The pinata. Created... be destroyed.

Go Christian!!!

Gloria tries to keep her ears from splitting.

Mervin, it's right behind you. Let's not make dents in the washer, ok?

#1 Determined Lady of the Year

A UFO escapes from the pinata and is duly investigated by Dad and Grandpa.

Sweets to the sweet and trash to the... ... rash, maybe?


...such a puzzling little boy.

Mom doesn't show up on this blog enough. Let's fix that while she fixes the cookies.

What? You want me to burn my hot dog?! Listen, Carmen, I don't do just anything for the blog.

Hosea bows down to avoid the heat of the fiery furnace. ;-)

Grandpa investigates more UFOs - Unidentified Frozen Objects

Conrad, halfway through with supper.

Hello, everyone. My grandma goes to sales. She buys box lots. After she gets what she wants, we may choose from the rest. We love our Grandma.

Good night! What is all this stuff?!

First one thing. Then another. Eventually, they may "choose until it's empty."

As the news rolls in that Grandma's attic is being sent home with his children, Uncle Dale reflects that:

Most popular Grandmother she may be,
But as Mother she may lose popularity.

Uh, Sylvia...? Just wasn't expecting to see you here, that's all.

When it's books being given away, Grandma's popular with everyone (as she always is).

Last time I heard, Blokus was a four person game.

Horsin' around. ;-)

Raises some questions, doesn't it?

But Grandma found it.

And once again, this year's attendance is registered in the Tablecloth Annals.