Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Martins and a Report on What They Do When They're Together

For starters, we do accuracy checks on children's Bible stories by comparing them to the true Biblical accounts. In this case, the story book let the dove out of the ark before the it came to rest on Mt. Arat. Serious apostasy.

We generally aren't so hard on the songs we sing.

The pinata. Created... be destroyed.

Go Christian!!!

Gloria tries to keep her ears from splitting.

Mervin, it's right behind you. Let's not make dents in the washer, ok?

#1 Determined Lady of the Year

A UFO escapes from the pinata and is duly investigated by Dad and Grandpa.

Sweets to the sweet and trash to the... ... rash, maybe?


...such a puzzling little boy.

Mom doesn't show up on this blog enough. Let's fix that while she fixes the cookies.

What? You want me to burn my hot dog?! Listen, Carmen, I don't do just anything for the blog.

Hosea bows down to avoid the heat of the fiery furnace. ;-)

Grandpa investigates more UFOs - Unidentified Frozen Objects

Conrad, halfway through with supper.

Hello, everyone. My grandma goes to sales. She buys box lots. After she gets what she wants, we may choose from the rest. We love our Grandma.

Good night! What is all this stuff?!

First one thing. Then another. Eventually, they may "choose until it's empty."

As the news rolls in that Grandma's attic is being sent home with his children, Uncle Dale reflects that:

Most popular Grandmother she may be,
But as Mother she may lose popularity.

Uh, Sylvia...? Just wasn't expecting to see you here, that's all.

When it's books being given away, Grandma's popular with everyone (as she always is).

Last time I heard, Blokus was a four person game.

Horsin' around. ;-)

Raises some questions, doesn't it?

But Grandma found it.

And once again, this year's attendance is registered in the Tablecloth Annals.

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