Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wisdom Resources Advertising Campaign

As we gather for our "annual business and marketing strategy conference," the prospects look dim.

The light goes on in Dad's head. "I think we all agree that the biggest problem is our lack of customers. The current ratio of customers to inventory is very poor. Soon we won't be able to keep the lights on or pay the slaves."

The slaves pour over How to Get Traffic in Your Home-Based Business.

One of the slaves: "I've got it!"

Slave 1: It's got to be this big... or bigger!"

Slave 2: "I'm telling you, we need to keep this within township regulations."

I don't know... Isn't this a type of sign? I'm afraid we should have applied for a permit.

*winks* I know what I'm doing.

Conrad straddles the "crane" and...

...compilation begins.

See that tailgate disappearing? The driver didn't even look at the sign; seemed to be looking at something behind it in fact. Can't imagine what.

Slave becomes master: "You there! Move your hand...

...and move snow instead."

You'd be frightened too if...

...your non-too-scrupulous brother were threatening to tip the dumper.

The completion of Phase 2 is celebrated, if not with a company banquet, at least with a lot of noise.

Conrad points out our fourth and coming victory.

Mr. Snowman's head appears to have been made mighty small, which raises the question, "Do either of these two have brains?" ;-)

The nose - symbolizing the nosiness we hope to inspire in passers-by.

Embracing hard work.

"HEY, don't look at us! Look at the sign."

Within an hour of completion, our scheme toppled. Literally. And in falling, it nearly knocked our sign over.

The next day it rained. I suppose you could say that we had cold water dumped on our plan.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

And with the end of our snowman comes the end of this post.

God Bless your fortnight.


Benjamin E. said...

"And in falling, it nearly knocked our sign over."

This phrase is a serious contender for the position of "funniest phrase ever"!

~Rebecca~ said...

awesome snowman!!

Carmen M. said...

I know, Ben, it's so ironic. The ultimate irony would have been if it actually HAD knocked over the signpost. In this case, I am willing to forfeit ultimate irony though.

Carmen M. said...

Conrad gets the credit, Rebecca. I thought it was pretty awesome too.

Abigail said...

Your company meeting looks like it got pretty interesting and then led to some exciting events. :-)