Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Last post, on the Love the Church conference, I forgot to thank Emma for giving me her list of quotes from the conference, some of which I posted. So here's your "Thank you," Emma.

And here, everyone else, is another post, all for you. Hope you enjoy.

Lunar Eclipse

The last time a lunar eclipse coincided with the winter solstice was five hundred years ago and Bloody Mary was up to something bad. So we heard. And so we had to see it.

Trouble is, we had to GET UP to see it.

(Since you're wondering... No, the guy in the chair is not part of our family.)

He's fortunate we didn't shoot him, pulling into our driveway in the middle of the night. Nothing (not even the moon) can eclipse the fright he would have given us if we had not recognized his car.

"Watching and waiting, looking above..."

Filled with warm coffee.

The moon becomes lost in the clouds. Again.

Candace perfects her foot-stomping routine.

After reaching full eclipse, the moon disappeared into the clouds...

...and Faith disappeared into the house.

The moon emerges from the umbra...

...and Faith emerges from the house.

All that talk about feminine energy and I didn't see any around.

A Pinata: the Making and the Breaking

Made in our garage... be destroyed in Grandma's.

Made out of love (for relatives).

Destroyed out of love (for candy).

The pain of having hot glue on one's lip.

The pain of having one's lip hit by a stick.

Conrad fell in love immediately.

His cousin had a vastly different reaction.

Candace made this just by looking off...


Any guesses who the fish is?

Any guesses who had the hardest time smashing the fish?

Only the eyes remain.


Hey, I can give you directions to that store.

An Evening in the Life of Phares

One evening Phares looked about him, and he began to notice something.

Everybody - everybody besides him that is - was reading.

He ruminated on this for a while.

Then he tried to start Studies in Words, only to discover (or did he already know?) that his sister was reading that book.

Finally he found the picture books.

<><><> <><><> <><><>

Phares continues to grow, and I hope we will all continue to grow, physically, mentally, spiritually - in whatever way is needed. God Bless your next two weeks.