Saturday, January 23, 2010

Game Night at the Pheros

Introducing the reporter for the evening, who was, of course, representing the Saturday Evening Post.

In the Mystery Museum case, the archeologist gives his solution to the crime, which did not agree with the Saturday Evening Post's take on the robbery. (In the end, neither were right I might add. But then again, I might not add that, since it reflects badly on the accuracy of this publication's news reporting.)

On to a game of Matches... "Hmm... Something I want that's really expensive??"

Dreaming of the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens.

Did I get the right one, Josiah? :)

A head pops up. "Did I hear something about a 70-200mm Canon lens?"

*shakes head* Soon Dorothy will be reading Scott Kelby's photography books... And her last name isn't even Einwechter.

So, now I want to know, who's winning.

Oh, blue. Definitely blue.

Dorothy makes a good point. Red has already won.

We are going to play a game of Name-That-Tune arranged by Shad. (Uh, the game was arranged by Shad, not the tune. :)

At least we were going to.

Mr. Phero assures us that one thing is going to happen. Team 2 will win. After all, two fingers makes a V and V stands for Victory.

But Josiah makes a valid point. One is first. Always.

Philip stares down all competition. Three fingers stands for W, which stands for Win. Team 3 will win.

Rather conveniently I have forgotten who won. My apologies.


Shad E. said...

Actually, after consulting the score book, I found that no one won. It was a tie between team 2 and team 3.

(Uh, the game was arranged by Shad, not the tune. :)

With the exception of one, Oh What Wondrous Love is This. I orchestrated it with my midi studio.

My apologies for how poorly arranged the game was. I will try better next time, if anyone is interested in playing it.

Carmen M. said...

I didn't know you arrange songs, Shad - that's great. I thought the game was a good idea, and it really didn't go that badly. :-)

Abigail said...

Adorable pictures of Dorothy, Carmen!

Your reasons for why each team thought they would win are very clever. :-)