Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Wedding of Bill and Becky Ensinger

A few of the shots that I took whenever I forgot that my job was to help in the kitchen:

Wedding favors: bars of goat milk soap made by the bride herself.

Becky hides out with the kitchen crew until it is time.

It's time. Is it safe?

Becky gets the "All's clear."

My (and the bride's) dear friend Karen

Sarah was so kind as to look straight towards me when I took this.

It's so hard to be original when doing wedding photos. All that comes to mind is "Here comes the Bride..."

"Praise God. Let's go eat!" ;-)

Don't forget to sign the guest quilt first.

We had it so nice in the kitchen. Everything was ready; we just had to plop it on platters...

...and pop it under the curtain.

Except the cake... I'm guessing from experience that it wasn't just plopped on platters!

The last official job of the official kitchen crew, after posing for the official kitchen crew photo taken by the official photographer, was to compile two plates of leftovers for the bride and groom's supper.

Official wedding crasher Emma tries to make a get-away with the couple's food.

There is a truck coming... you just can't see it.

And just when we thought they had gone, they came back to shake their fists at the clean-up crew. ;-)

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I'll be back Monday to fix any posting problems. :-)

God Bless


Abigail said...

Great coverage of Becky's wedding--very well done with good captions! I love the pictures of the professional wedding crasher and Becky shaking her fist at the clean-up crew--hilarious. :-)

Carmen M. said...

Thanks, Abigail. I keep forgetting to tell you that the reason that I didn't post a picture of your coming down the aisle was because I really didn't think you would appreciate any of the blurry ones I had to choose from. I'm afraid you aren't going to fare much better on the post of Jon and Monique's wedding: I only have a photo of Karen. I apologize most heartily. :-)