Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Killing two birds with one stone by cleaning the church for both Becky/Bill's wedding and Jon/Monique's wedding.

Banners are going up.

And banners are not wanting to stay up.

Little note of interest: By the next wedding, they were getting things figured out it appears. Conrad informs me that Jon and Monique's banner was tied up with... drum roll... fishing line.

Arches are going up.

And arches are not wanting to stay up.

It was standing firmly the day of the wedding. Makes one wonder, could it have been... fishing line??

Hmm... I've got an idea... (Fishing line??)

Skeptical Supervisors

"Cheer up, we'll get it figured out yet."

(Always good to have an optimist about at times like these.)


Abigail said...

Haha Yeah, good old fishing line came to the rescue of that dignified looking arch. :-) But, then, maybe no one was supposed to know that.... ;-)

Carmen M. said...

Well! I certainly didn't know it. Actually didn't really think it and was only hypothesizing for the fun of it. Is fishing line seriously what you used for that arch?

Karen said...

Fishing line is what saved the day with the arch! It is clear and very strong so worked great. :-)