Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tale of Two Saturdays

...which were in a row one right after the other, and which were the biggest summer highlights for our church. Some of you can probably guess...

Jon and Monique's Wedding:
About 50% of my coverage is exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from the girls' side of the wedding preparations. I think most of you only saw one photo of that? :-) But despite my advantage on that scene, I have to admit my lack of coverage from the ceremony itself (one photo - that's all ;-). After all, I was in it, and I can't be every where at once.

The Church Picnic:
Every year there are the same traditional games, the same food basically, the same people for the most part, and so, not surprisingly, it can easily be one of those times when all the photos are about the same as last year's. But there's another thing fortunately that is always the same: we enjoy looking at the pictures... even if they do look like last years.

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