Saturday, September 19, 2009

2nd Saturday - IFRC Church Picnic

After all that work, the church family needs some play.

What are the Raines doing here?? Why, we even prayed that no rain would come today! ;-)

The seesaws - they get played on every year.

The confident brother.

The timorous sister.

The sliding board - it gets slid on every year.

Last year it was Mr. Raine helping Isaac through the food line asking "Some of this? Some of that?" I take it he and Mrs. Raine must take turns.

Food worth eating; friends worth having.

"Are YOU going to eat all that?!"
I don't know what kind of appetite he thinks I have. One the size of a mouse's? :-)

This is the proper, ladylike way to eat a hotdog. In a few posts, you will see the unmannerly, masculine way of devouring hotdogs.

A week later they're still smiling.

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