Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three Tales

Welcome to the Raines where there is a story behind everything. Why there's even one lurking behind this license plate!

"So I was coming out of this parking lot in M__ when a police officer pulls me over. He came up to my window and started asking, "Is your last name Raine?" "Do you know such and such a Raine?" and so on.

"Now, I thought this was a really odd line of interrogation but I figured this policeman must know my dad, and so I told him, 'Yes, that's my dad' and described him. He didn't tell me anything about himself but, after a while, he let me go. When I got home I asked my dad, "Do you know some officer over in M__?" I described him. My dad said, "Oh that must have been Jimmy!" So my dad decided he's going to call Jimmy.

Dad: Hey, Jimmy? Remember me? Well some kid stole my car over in M__ today.

Jimmy: What?! *long pause*
It's got to be someone you know! I stopped him today and he said he was your son - knew your name... how you looked and everything!

"Then my dad starts to describe me; I was standing there the whole time: "Did he have blue jeans? and a red shirt? Did he look a little like me too?" And Jimmy said, "Yes! Yes! He did. I can't believe this happened!!" My dad led him on for about five minutes! Then he finally told him."

A moment of laughter... at that police officer's expense.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, it was THIS license plate on the back of the car that made the policeman curious enough to pull Mr. Raine over.

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