Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mr. Raine doesn't remain quiet long. :-) We now move into one of his areas of expertise: Maple Syrup.

Any of this photo's faults are due to the fact that it was taken from at least a hundred yard's distance. Good shoes and a muddy yard are my excuses for not going with Emma to gather the sap.

A sympathizer to all photographic endeavors, Mr. Raine said, "I'll put the lid on really slow for you."

Trust me, it's good they strain the sap.

Last year's failure. ;-)

"What! you didn't like the maple syrup we gave you last year???"

We'll take more anyway. :-)

Our gift for taking the tour.

(Thank you, Raines, for the wonderful time!)


Isaac said...

We saw his demonstration too! He sure knows what he's doing when it comes to Maple syrup!

Abigail said...

Too bad it was muddy and you had your good shoes on because it was really neat to see the sap dripping into the bucket.

~Rebecca~ said...

That is really neat! The choir director at my church actually taps trees on the church property and makes syrup too! His wife assures me it tastes very good!